Mango DSP releases new version of Intelligent Video Server software

April 3, 2008
Analytic-based rule management interface produces effective responses to video from analog and compatible IP cameras utilizing only Mango DSP's encoding cards

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – March 31, 2008 – Mango DSP, a leading provider of intelligent video servers for the CCTV, video surveillance, homeland security and defense markets today announced the release of IVS 3.0, the next generation of its intelligent video server software (IVS). Mango DSP's software enables the seamless adaptation of leading third-party analytic algorithms on standard analog and compatible IP cameras through a user-friendly, web-enabled, rule management interface. The software produces effective responses to video processed by Mango DSP encoder cards, with no need for additional hardware or servers.

Based on Mango DSP's advanced web server, the new interface is designed to allow simple remote access through web browsers and network applications to the DSP for the purpose of managing tasks, updating the system and applying a large set of user definable rules. The onboard rule management system enables fast integration with video content analysis providers, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to changing security threats. The easy-to-use interface screens video from standard analog and compatible IP video cameras, inducing popup alerts and extended notification options to enable the most effective response.

"The IVS 3.0 software is an innovative solution to the challenges of migrating truly intelligent video surveillance to IP networks," said Baruch Peled, CEO of Mango DSP. "Mango DSP continues to push the envelope of intelligent video with the same drive and innovation acknowledged by the Frost & Sullivan 2007 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award."

The IVS streams the manipulated video with a variety of video compression standards already integrated into the DSP. New features such as live video JPEG and multiple streams per channel allow for higher frame rate, resolution and bit rate and provide an overall enhanced quality.

Another innovative feature is the capability to augment a PTZ plug-in for complete control of surveillance cameras over the IP network.