Wavestore Introduces VIA Motion Detection Solution

June 5, 2006
VIA system employees video intelligence to make video systems provide more for security

Wavestore VIA (Video Incident Analysis) is the premier motion detection solution for small to large-scale video surveillance networks. Employing a proprietary image processing platform, VIA enables automatic event detection to be rapidly customized to the ever-changing demands of an application.

VIA is an advanced video intelligence solution that can be used to detect suspicious objects, vehicles traveling in the wrong direction, people/animals on motorways, unattended objects and automatic protection of equipment in diverse environments. Based on unique, patented Image Processing Over IP (IPoIP) technology, the video intelligence software can alert security staff of potential problems and security threats, thus reducing human cost by improving the response times to genuine alarm events.

VIA is an enterprise grade solution in digital and analog video intelligence (VI) technology that provides the industry with the widest event detection capabilities and highest sensitivity that will automatically detect multiple MOTION events in large-scale digital surveillance networks.

The embedded and distributed video intelligence software enables the low bandwidth required by video surveillance networks to support extremely large numbers of distributed cameras (hundreds to thousands) at low cost. Successful field deployments with customers worldwide include the US Department of Energy, Israel’s Ministry of Justice, National Prison Services Railways, plus numerous successful field trials throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Wavestore digital video and audio recording and management system is recognized as one of the most fully featured solutions available. Supporting analogue, megapixel and IP cameras simultaneously, Wavestore solutions can be configured as a DVR, a Hybrid DVR or an NVR. With its high quality image recording and playback, excellent lip-synchronisation and true ease-of-use and user configurable remote monitor screens.

Claimed to provide the fastest access times to view recorded data, Wavestore users can rapidly go back into vast archives by simple time and date entry or by dragging the unique ‘waterfall’ recordings display for any camera. Snapshots can be exported into JPEG, PNG, BMP format or printed out directly onto a printer. Selected video clips from multiple cameras can be further copied onto CD-R or DVD-R for playback and review on a PC.

Wavelet Technology is an Axis Application Development Partner and development partner with the leading Multi-megapixel and IP camera manufacturers.