Vista Releases Vari-Focal Dome Cameras

Oct. 16, 2007
Domes come in 480 and 540TVL versions, can mount on solid or false ceilings and walls

September 2007, Reading UK - Vista has released a range of vari-focal dome cameras that offer a wide range of features in a cost-effective package. Two main options are available: the 480TVL version and the 540TVL colour/mono version. Both options come with a high quality direct drive lens which provides clean, crisp images.

The domes are very easy to install and come with a 750mm cable which will pass through walls and all normal structures and has a snap-on, in-line terminal connector. Installation is further simplified by the optional quick fit adapter and the newly improved 3-axis gimble which allows for a finer adjustment and less drift than previously possible. Greater flexibility is also achieved as the domes have been designed to accommodate mounting on either solid or false ceilings and walls. Matching dummy units are available to create the illusion of surveillance without incurring the full cost of a working unit.

"The range is very aesthetically pleasing and suited to a huge range of applications," says Mark Pritchard, divisional director of Vista. "The 540TVL version can achieve high resolution colour images during the day and clean monochrome images at night whilst also saving disk space on modern DVRs, due to the colour noise being removed in monochrome mode."

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