ioimage Debuts First ioicam Turn-Key Intelligent Video IP Surveillance Camera

Sept. 25, 2006
ioimage Releases an Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range IP Camera With Built-In High-Performance Video Analytics for Automated Video Surveillance Detection

HERZLIYA, Israel, September 25/PRNewswire/ -- ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity in installation and operation, announced today the release of the ioicam wdc100dn, a next-generation intelligent video IP surveillance camera that automatically detects intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles and removed items.

The new ioicam, an ultra-wide-dynamic-range IP color day/night security camera, leverages proprietary algorithms and PIXIM(R) video image processing to provide crisp fine-tuned images for optimum detection and best security-usable video even in extreme lighting and harsh weather conditions.

"The new ioicam represents an integral value for security programs as it delivers the same caliber of detection deployed at defense-critical security installations, yet its overall simplicity and reliable performance allows no-hassle adoption into the day-to-day routine." said Roni Kass, ioimage CEO and founder. "In the wake of tougher security regulations, world-wide terrorism and criminal trends, the security automation of an intelligent-video-edge-device, such as the wdc100dn camera, is a must-have component for meeting new security challenges, achieving physical security conformance, and reducing daily workloads."

The intelligent-video technology of the wdc100dn ioicam currently provides physical security at homeland infrastructures, nuclear sites, borders, government buildings, industrial sites, and high-profile religious cities and sites. As a turnkey intelligent video solution, the new ioicam is designed for simplicity in installation and operation allowing setup within minutes of deployment via a standard web browser.

An all-in-one sentry solution for fighting terrorism, trespass, theft, crime, and vandalism, the new ioicam delivers intelligence-enhanced indoor and outdoor detection that discriminates size and behavior better than straight-line detectors or point sensors, (e.g. motion detectors, contact burglar alarm devices, etc.). Ideal for any security site, the wdc100dn offers panoptic line-of-sight detection capabilities that can watch hard-to-protect widespread areas and provide automatic alarm video, audio, and dry contact responses. Its design, easy installation, surveillance automation, and diligent unmanned detection translates into immediate and long-term savings, such as cutting deployment costs, optimizing security resources, boosting loss prevention, reducing false alarm dispatch, deterring crime, monitoring public safety, etc.

About ioimage

Founded in 2000, ioimage has pioneered the concept of intelligent video appliances, delivering high performance video analytics designed and packaged for simplicity. ioimage helps government, public, and commercial organizations transform video surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process using networked DSP-based devices for real-time detection, alert and tracking of intruders, vehicles, and threats.

ioimage will be exhibiting at ASIS September 25-27, San Diego, booth #3152 and at Security Essen 2006, October 10-13, Essen Germany, Hall 7, Booth #312.

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