Beau Rivage Casino Reopens One Short Year After Hurricane Katrina

Sept. 22, 2006
North American Video’s fast track restoration of video surveillance and security system at Biloxi’s largest resort and casino complete

Brick, NJ (September 22, 2006) – North American Video, a leading provider of security systems to the gaming industry, announces the completion of the video surveillance and security system to the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, which celebrated Grand Re-Opening August 29th in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“It was no small undertaking, however, our remarkable team of security systems specialists enabled us to overcome the challenges presented by these less than favorable circumstances.” said Cynthia Freschi, President of North American Video. “Restoring the gaming industry to its pre-Katrina state is crucial to the economy of the city of Biloxi.”

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino is owned and operated by MGM MIRAGE, and according to Ms. Freschi, the contract for the video surveillance and security system covered restoration of the new casino, hotel, garage and surrounding property.

The new video surveillance and security system includes over 1200 video surveillance cameras integrated to an enterprise NVR solution along with a new two new matrix switching systems. It is believed to be the largest and most sophisticated security installation in the Gulf Region. NAV has also furnished and installed all alarms on the grounds, an audio playback messaging system as well as a new emergency call station system for the parking garage. Also new to the system is a state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) interface to the CCTV system.

"NAV was a integral part of the team rebuilding Beau Rivage," said Anne Mockler, Director of Surveillance. "It was a remarkable installation given the time frame we had. It took a tremendous amount of manpower from both NAV and Honeywell to get us where we needed to be to open. The support has been incredible."

“More than any other project, Beau Rivage has had special significance to us.” Ms. Freschi continued, “Throughout this project, we at NAV have personally come to know many of the families affected by Katrina and witnessed the devastation and destruction to their communities. We are extremely pleased to enable residents to get back to work, and play, in order restore some form of normalcy in their lives as part of the revitalization effort in Biloxi."