Verint Announces Nextiva Critical Infrastructure Video Security Solution

April 5, 2006
New solution enhances security for airports, seaports, public utilities and chemical manufacturing facilities, more

Melville, NY – Verint Systems Inc., a leading provider of analytic software-based solutions for security and business intelligence, today announced Nextiva Critical Infrastructure (CI). Nextiva CI enables a proactive approach to preventing terrorism and crime, facilitates cross-agency collaboration and ensures a safe environment for people and commerce.

Nextiva CI combines the power of Verint’s award-winning Nextiva video management platform with specific security and emergency management capabilities for protecting critical infrastructure including government installations, municipal buildings, airports, seaports, energy, water treatment and chemical manufacturing facilities, and interstate transportation networks. Nextiva CI’s intelligent architecture is designed to provide high availability and resiliency to meet the stringent up-time requirements of these critical infrastructure environments.

“With their large perimeters, expansive facilities and heightened threat level, critical infrastructure operators are seeking highly resilient solutions that can help address their security challenges,” said Dan Bodner, President and CEO of Verint Systems Inc. “Nextiva CI combines our robust video management technology with our extensive experience working in mission-critical environments to provide critical infrastructure organizations with an effective solution to identify and respond to threats across their entire operations.”

Nextiva CI leverages Verint’s comprehensive portfolio of wireless and wireline analytics-embedded capture solutions to network and analyze video across expansive perimeters. Nextiva CI then integrates this captured video with a wide variety of security systems and sensors and provides a unified view of an organization’s security operations via an intuitive management portal. Nextiva CI detects significant events in video and data and initiates immediate, appropriate activity based on the security policies an organization already has in place. Nextiva CI establishes virtual boundaries across critical facilities to automatically detect such events as perimeter breaches, loitering and other suspicious activities, so that threats can be immediately addressed and investigated.

Following a security incident, Nextiva CI provides effective investigation management capabilities for collecting video from large numbers of cameras and locations and gathering case-related audio, video, and data in a searchable database. This enables better collaboration among the agencies responsible for securing critical infrastructure facilities.

Bodner continued, “Verint has extensive experience working with airports, ports, governments and other critical infrastructure providers around the world. Nextiva CI builds upon our expertise with this large global customer base and is our next generation solution to enhance the security of critical infrastructure.”

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