iOmniscient's Video Analytics Now on DSP Chip

April 5, 2006
Chip functionality allows analytics to be installed directly into cameras, DVRs, other hardware

The full range of iOmniscient’s intelligent video analysis software is now available on a DSP chip – the IQ IMPLANT. Unlike other DSP’s which offer a scaled down version of capabilities, the iOmniscient version, will offer the full range of capabilities including abandoned object and theft detection in a crowd, perimeter protection and intruder detection, behaviour analysis and tracking, crowd management and counting. Even with the inclusion of the entire suite of capabilities the chip will still have enough room to run new capabilities as they are made available. A Lite version will also be available for clients with limited requirements such as the residential market.

“I am very excited about embedding our code on a chip as it will allow our intelligence to be implanted within cameras, Digital Video Recorders and other hardware devices," said Dr. Rustom Kanga, CEO of iOmniscient. "This will effectively implant these devices with intelligence. It will greatly reduce hardware costs as there will be no need for computing hardware for analysis, making it an affordable high quality solution no matter what the requirements.”

Depending on the number of cameras and their placement relative to the servers and control room, video transmission can place heavy and often unnecessary loads on network bandwidth consumption. Although iOmniscient already counters this issue by operating with relatively low frame rates the iOmniscient DSP chip will assist in minimizing this heavy load by enabling the analysis to be completed within the sensor itself, with bandwidth reserved for the times when there is an event to transmit.

Recognizing the superiority and unique capabilities of iOmniscient’s video analysis software, a number of major worldwide partners have already committed to incorporating the IQ Implant into their products which will be launched in the USA during this year’s ISC West Exhibition in Las Vegas in April.

iOmniscient has been recognized as the leader in Intelligent Video Surveillance having won major security industry awards in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. iOmniscient’s Non-Motion Detection (NMD) products are the only products on Earth that can accurately operate in crowded scenes despite heavy motion and obscuration and are revolutionizing the way in which surveillance is being performed globally.

Based on next generation Artificial Intelligence, the iOmniscient’s intelligent video analysis software has been implemented at many sites around the world. iOmniscient is on the web at