GE Releases New SymSecure Digital Video Management Software

March 26, 2006
Digital video management software configures, controls and manages all video security

BRADENTON, FLA. – GE’s Security business (NYSE: GE) today announced the availability of its new SymSecure digital video management software, which provides the quick and easy way to manage, configure, and control video security from any location, at any time. SymSecure uses the latest in IP-networking technology and works with GE's SymSuite MPEG-4 digital video products, which allow users to continue using legacy analog equipment within an IP environment.

"Monitoring and maintaining a security network with dozens or even hundreds of cameras can be overwhelming," said Robert Siegel, GE Security’s General Manager for Video and Software Solutions. "SymSecure gives you everything you need to centrally or remotely monitor all of your network's cameras and vital signs in real time. It is ideal in any application having multiple sites and cameras, such as schools, retail stores, corporations, transportation facilities, and homeland security and public safety locales."

SymSecure is easy to install and configure. The system automatically detects cameras on the network and lets users instantly control them with simple configuration. Leveraging the point-and-click ease of Windows means users can get started without having to relearn a new system.

SymSecure makes it easy for security and management staff to monitor and control many cameras at once, from any location. The SymSecure Live Viewer and Configuration client software provide remote viewing and configuration tools for systems that range from 32 cameras to enterprise scale systems with up to 1,000 cameras.

SymSecure’s virtual matrix capability can be used to route digital video streams to where they are needed to respond to motion alarms, or other real-time events.

The new digital video management software can be customized to its environment. For instance, SymSecure's open architecture enables integration with point-of-sale, access control, and building control systems. SymSecure supports over 20 PTZ control protocols with built-in support for major access control systems.

The SymSecure video archiving capabilities complement DVR storage by providing backup archiving on commercial off-the-shelf computer hardware. This enhances the mission-critical capabilities of SymDec™ digital video recorders by adding standard network and PC-based storage systems. Special security and encryption capabilities allow SymSecure’s video archives to be used as forensic evidence.

SymSecure is available now. GE Security is online at