Hawk-I Security Introduces New Color Camera

March 24, 2006
Weather and tamperproof camera offers IR reach of 60 feet, day/night functionality

HAWK-I Security is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest color camera. The HAWK-541VXIRCB, features an externally controlled DC autoiris varifocal lens. You do not have to open the camera up to vary the focal length from 4–9mm.

Among the benefits is the HAWK-541VXIRCB is weather and tamperproof, and it comes with a Sony SuperHad 420-line chip. The HAWK-541VXIRCB has IR capable of seeing 60 feet and has a Day/Night chip for use in all applications. The cable is mounted through bracket for added security.

HAWK-I is on the web at www.hawkisecurity.com.