Ioimage's Intelligent Video System

Aug. 24, 2006
Designed and packaged for simplicity, the ioibox encoder series includes intelligent video encoders, ranging from miniature in-camera enclosable units, to stackable centralized multi-channel processing arrays.

The ioimage encoder series ioiboxes enhance security cameras and systems by infusing powerful intelligent video analytic capabilities that automate indoor and outdoor video surveillance, scenario detection, and alarm event responses.

ioiboxes monitor surveillance video and detect intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped cars and removed items providing reliable automatic detection even in harsh weather.

Whether inserted in a camera case, on a shelf, or rack mounted, ioiboxes can quickly upgrade existing CCTV systems and security cameras, converting analog output into MPEG-4 streaming multimedia over IP for operation as stand-alone or with ioimage security systems.

All inclusive-feature full intrusion detection

Automatically detects and alarms on forbidden directional movement in controlled areas and at perimeters, including human and vehicle detection.

Unattended objects/baggage detection Automatically detects and alarms on the abandonment or appearance of unaccompanied baggage/objects in controlled areas.

Stopped vehicle detection Automatically detects and alarms on the presecence of a stopped vehicle in an area where parking/standing is a vilotaion.

Object removal detection detection Automatically detects and alarms on the sustained removal of objects or products from their given location.

Autonomous ptz tracking Vision-guided tracking that is self-driven to keep a targeted moving object in focus and centered in the field of view by commanding the mechanical pan tilt and zoom of the PTZ camera to assure a constant visual on the target.


· Minimizes false alarms generated by small animals, swaying branches, cloud shadows, light changes, rain, snow and trivial movements in the scenery

· Superior non-flat detection, sees intruders in 3D-scape and at long distances

· User-defined detection zones and allowed/disallowed directional movements


· Detects camouflaged intruders, extremely slow progression (as slow as 1 ft/5 min), and burst movements

· Supports up to 10 min. pre-alarm recording for capturing the moments before an alert

· Increases response time and provides a probability of detection that excels past human factors


· Automatically adjust for best detection - no ongoing adjustments

· Appliance installation is a snap and doesn’t require PC hardware changes or advanced configurations


· Performs predefine actions on the event of detected threats

· Features several built-in recording options: continuous, event driven, and scheduled recording

· High resolution – low latency-MPEG-4 audio & video streaming

· Maintains QoS: automatically optimizes quality of service for one or more units adjusting audio & video streams to bandwidth, traffic characteristics and priority

· Remote field-deployment allows local or remote configuration

· Integrates with existing stationary and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras and security infrastructures to upgrade and convert analog CCTV system into hybrid intelligent video analog and IP network cameras

· Appliances can operate as stand alone or as part of an integrated network configuration

· Non-PC based processing avoids network latency that slows detection