University of Costa Rica Solves CCTV Distance Problem

Aug. 2, 2006
ACTi helped University of Costa Rica solve distance with hybrid type distance design

University of Costa Rica has four analog speed domes on one of its buildings that is very far from the monitoring center. It would cost the school significant sum of money to extend coaxial cables between these two locations. Actual coaxial cabling work would also have taken a lot of time and caused considerable inconveniences to the people in the university. Fortunately, ACTi's partner in Costa Rica, Sonivision S.A., successfully solved the university's headache by a hybrid CCTV + IP system solution using ACTi's IP video surveillance products and the university's existing IP network infrastructure.

Sonivision S.A.'s solution composed of four pairs of ACTi's SED-2100R (MPEG-4 encoder) and SED-3200 (MPEG-4 decoder). One unit of SED-2100R was connected to each of the four analog speed domes and is receiving analog video from and sending RS-485 data to the analog speed dome. The analog videos from the analog speed domes were encoded into MPEG-4 video streams and sent across the university's IP network to the monitoring center. At the monitoring center, four SED-3200 receives the MPEG-4 video streams from the SED-2100R and decodes them back into analog videos. The university's existing DVR and CCTV monitor then records and display's the decoded analog videos respectively. A PTZ control panel can also be connected to the SED-3200 to allow easy remote controlling of the Pan/Tilt/Zoom movements of the analog speed domes by sending RS-485 data across the IP network to the SED-2100R.

This hybrid solution using ACTi's encoders and decoders is a simple, quick, highly flexible and cost effective system that can be implemented at much lower cost and higher efficiency when compared to pure analog CCTV system.

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