New Stainless Steel Housings from Aigis Mechtronics

Dec. 28, 2004
Camera housings are designed for sensitive environments and harsh industrial conditions

Aigis Mechtronics introduces a new line of high-grade, stainless steel housings. The specially designed housing packages perform equally well in sensitive environments and under harsh industrial conditions making these units perfect for protecting sensitive camera equipment in food processing, biomedical and other industrial facilities.

Constructed of 300-grade stainless steel, the units are resistant to most harsh chemicals, both acidic and alkaline. For even more protection of the camera and lens, pressurized versions of the housings are also available. Several types of stainless steel mounts complement the housing line and include feed-through options to keep cabling out of sight and protected.

Aigis' trademark customization ability provides for the housings to be sold individually or as complete plug-and-play solutions including a variety of pre-wired camera, lens and heater installed in the housing. These units can also be configured with specialized video transmission modules such as fiber and unshielded twisted pair (UTP). Other standard options include a choice of connector types and front viewing windows.