Merging Analog and Digital Video with Integral Technologies's Digital Video Management System

Feb. 7, 2005
Digital video management system will be able to display analog and network cameras in same system

Indianapolis, Indiana -- DS Enterprise and DS XPress Digital Video Management Systems by Integral Technologies will soon display and record both analog cameras and network cameras in the same Digital Video Management System.

DS Enterprise and DS XPress Digital Video Management Systems are complete surveillance systems accommodating a virtually unlimited amount of cameras in multiple networked locations. Both products are combination database servers and video acquisition units (VAUs) capable of up to 480 images per second (analog NTSC) with up to 128 camera inputs per VAU.

Adding network cameras to a new or existing DS Enterprise or DS XPress system will not require additional hardware or converters as video is transmitted into the VAU via the NIC network connection already in the system. Integral will be offering the ability to upgrade existing systems immediately making them IP compatible. By seamlessly integrating the network video streams along with the analog camera feeds, users will be able to view, search, archive and retrieve network and Analog video in the same interface.

Network cameras are a cost effective and efficient way to add video over an IP network via local area network (LAN) or across the Internet without adding new coax wiring or hardware. Network cameras can be added at any location with network access. Since network video is brought in using network connections, the existing VAU camera inputs are not sacrificed. Integral DS Enterprise and DS XPress will also connect directly to a video server connected to any analog camera.

"Integral is always offering progressive, future proof capabilities in our products." notes William Beach, director of sales. "By integrating network video from Axis Communications, we offer a cost effective and highly efficient way to extend the size and scope of an existing system. By utilizing the power of the DigitalSENTRY system and the existing architecture of a distributed IP network, we will offer dual mode video capture-network and analog, all on one Digital Video Management System."

Integral Technologies is an Application Development Partner (ADP) of Axis Communications. By integrating with Axis network cameras and video servers, Integral is offering a complete, cost effective solution for network video connectivity. As a majority of businesses now have high-speed IP based networks, the addition of network video interoperability enables IP based remote video access where analog connections may not have been possible.

"The demand for IP surveillance products is growing rapidly as all types of industries are quickly realizing the cost savings, high performance and functionality the technology offers," remarks Fredrik Nilsson, General Manager for Axis Communications. "By partnering with Integral Technologies, together we can work to help new markets have access to the benefits of IP surveillance."