Red Hawk Fire & Security partners with Next Level Security Systems

Sept. 4, 2012
New platform brings unified, affordable access to security operations

Boca Raton, Fla., September 4, 2012—Red Hawk Fire & Security U.S., a leader in fire, life safety and security services today announced it is the first national integrator to team up with Next Level Security Systems (NLSS) to offer customers a portfolio of remotely accessible, video management, access control and video analytic tools integrated into a single solution.

This innovative approach to managing video and access control operations is available immediately to Red Hawk Fire & Security customers in the commercial, retail, financial services, state and local government, healthcare and education sectors.

“When you bring together the specialized expertise of Red Hawk Fire & Security and Next Level’s award-winning technologies, the result is the delivery of systems that provide customers the very best business tools available to them where and how they need those tools, all focused on providing value,” said Mike Snyder Red Hawk Fire & Security Chief Executive Officer.

A completely innovative IP security solution, the NLSS Gateway was honored as the winner of the 2012 New Product Showcase Award from Security Industry Association (SIA) and at ISC West for Remote Management Services. Through a web browser interface, the gateway combines networked video management, intelligent video analytics and IP access control onto a single networked platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time via laptops, smartphones or any other web enabled device.

“Red Hawk has proven capabilities as a forward-thinking integrator and is an ideal company to collaborate with to deliver our industry-leading security management systems,” said Pete Jankowski, CEO, Next Level Security Systems.

Next Level systems provide a comprehensive picture of a customer’s risk profile, vulnerabilities, and security devices. Information is correlated from video surveillance, access control, intrusion, alerts, and video analytics to give users a thorough analysis of security and business operations.

“We couldn’t be more excited about providing Next Level products to our customers. They have enterprise-size installations that aggregate video, access control and intrusion events, all via web and cloud services,” said Snyder.

“Built on an IT platform using IP cameras and card readers, these systems are exactly what our customers are asking us to deliver. They don’t want specialized hardware or dedicated DVRs. They want systems that can grow with them and easily integrate with the latest storage devices or web devices. By adding Next Level to our suite of solutions, we’re satisfying their demand and providing them with the best tools possible to help improve their business operations,” he added.