SoleraTec announces product integration with Imation

Dec. 11, 2012
Company integrates Imation's RDX removable storage media into its Phoenix Thunderbird platforms

San Diego, CA – November 28, 2012 – SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage products, introduces a new member of the Phoenix Thunderbird family of video surveillance appliances, the Phoenix Thunderbird 3100. This new self-contained NVR-style video appliance has an integrated RDX drive for use with removable RDX storage cartridges. Powered by SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM surveillance video management software, users now have an affordable long-term retention solution for their video surveillance needs.

The Phoenix Thunderbird 3100 with the Phoenix RSM software performs and extends all archiving and video management functions. This appliance handles all video migration, replication, retention, and archiving responsibilities by utilizing affordable online and removable storage resources.

The Phoenix Thunderbird 3100 captures surveillance video, creates a low-resolution companion file that is less than 10% of the original video file size, stores this companion file on the appliance’s local hard drive, and stores the unaltered –untouched– original video onto the removable RDX cartridge for long-term retention. Users can search and playback the low-resolution companion video to find the “events of interest” and have the Phoenix RSM software export just the required video clip back from the associated RDX cartridge. Phoenix RSM will notify the user as to which RDX cartridge is needed to create the forensic copy of the high-resolution –unaltered– original video, all with complete chain-of-custody.

By implementing offline storage management for their original video surveillance recordings, businesses can take full advantage of higher frame-rate and better resolution video, giving them the full value of their camera investments.

Organizations can easily rotate new RDX cartridges into the Phoenix Thunderbird appliance as they fill each cartridge to capacity and can mix and match the various RDX size cartridges –320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, and 1.5TB– as they need. Never lose video surveillance footage again.

Users can now quickly and easily find the needle in a haystack of all recorded video surveillance feeds by using Phoenix RSM’s extended metadata functionality, which allows for annotating the recorded video to perform relevant, targeted, searches at later dates.

RDX removable hard disk cartridges contain a 2.5-inch hard disk drive that offers all of the advantages of disk-to-disk storage, including high performance and a low-failure rate. The cartridges provide both forward and backward compatibility. Imation RDX removable hard disk cartridges are compatible and interchangeable with all RDX removable hard disk docks on the market. The removable hard disk media provides complete data protection and helps ensure easy-to-use, reliable, fast and portable storage to small- and medium-sized businesses.

“For years, organizations have sought ways to store their increasing volumes of video surveillance feeds for longer periods of time. RDX media is an easy to use, rugged, affordable solution for retention and fast search and retrieval of large and growing volumes of video assets. And as durable removable hard disk drives, RDX allows organizations both to backup video assets locally and store them offsite for safekeeping,” said Brian Findlay, Executive Director of Global Product Management, Imation. “The integration of Imation’s RDX storage technology with SoleraTec’s Phoenix Thunderbird represents an important advance in video surveillance storage by adding multi-tiered storage capabilities.”

This integration between the removable Imation RDX technology and SoleraTec’s Phoenix Thunderbird video surveillance appliance delivers overarching video surveillance asset management into an entire surveillance infrastructure at affordable, cost-efficient price points. The ease of use in video searching and playback with Phoenix RSM combined with the near-line and offline video retention of the RDX provides a viable long-term video retention solution.

“Integrating the ease-of-use of RDX removable media allows the Phoenix Thunderbird to deliver a unique solution to the growing need of retaining as much video surveillance footage as possible –at an economical price. Previously, solutions that allowed organizations to keep significant pools of video recordings were astronomical expensive, now with Phoenix Thunderbird, it’s affordable.” stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec LLC. “Providing the solid integration of Phoenix Thunderbird with removable storage such as Imation’s RDX builds a video surveillance asset management solution that is affordable, scalable, and reliable.”

Pricing and Availability

SoleraTec’s Phoenix Thunderbird 3100 video surveillance appliance with 6TB of local storage with the first 1TB RDX cartridge included is available through channel partners worldwide. This self-contain professional-grade video storage platform starts at MSRP $5,995.


Imation Corp.

Aug. 5, 2011