Verint announces innovations within its product portfolio

Aug. 10, 2015
Advancements across situational awareness and video surveillance analytics to enhance awareness, response time and operational efficiencies

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Verint® Systems Inc.  today introduced a series of enhancements to its situational awareness and video analytics solutions. These advancements are designed to further the end user experience and maximize visibility into an organization’s security operations.

The upgraded Verint Situational Awareness™ platform incorporates enhanced visualization and actionable intelligence capabilities to help security personnel achieve higher levels of security, compliance and risk reduction. Verint Situational Awareness is an open, unified software solution that helps enhance industry-standard workflows and supports operators in responding to both routine and emergency events. The system combines and analyzes device relations, location data, integration, user management and data retention to drive functionality—unifying a wide range of sensors and systems into a centralized, intuitive security and situation intelligence solution.

A new mobile application enables operators in the field to stream live video from their smart phones to the security operations center, thereby expanding the reach of the organization’s video surveillance network. Citizens and employees can also provide video data through the system’s mobile capabilities, greatly expanding an organization’s visibility into incidents and emergencies as they occur.

The newest version of Verint Situational Awareness features capabilities designed to provide a more seamless, user-friendly operator experience. These include:

  • Incident timelines that visually displays every alert associated with an event.
  • Video mapping that enables users to display live video tiles on an area map to see precisely what is happening and where.
  • An attachments gallery that automatically arranges all files associated with an incident in one place.
  • Tile views for search results to help operators find specific individuals more quickly.
  • Overlay search results that help investigators superimpose search results on a map to easily view event locations.
  • User preferences, such as column orders, that are restored when an operator logs off and back on to the solution to simplify and further streamline the user experience.

“The Verint Situational Awareness solution helps organizations create a comprehensive and familiar operating picture to help improve overall security and business awareness, streamline responses and enable operators to more effectively and efficiently perform their jobs, both in emergency scenarios and during routine day-to-day operations,” explains Brian Lettiere, vice president, product management, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions™. “Usability and data visualization are two key components in helping ensure that information is actionable. We’ve focused on enhancing both data and video gathering in a smart, efficient manner, streamlined with the core functionalities that are most vital.”

In addition, Verint announced a key enhancement to Verint Video Surveillance Analytics. These latest enhancements add a sophisticated forensic investigation capability designed to help operators examine video after an incident using highly-detailed parameters. For example, users can search for a specific color and size of car moving in the wrong direction. The new functionality can also help officials achieve more effective forensic investigations by finding relevant information faster.

“Verint offers comprehensive video analytics and incorporates these advanced capabilities to help meet the requirements of today’s data-driven organizations,” adds Lettiere. “By leveraging the power of highly sophisticated forensic search capabilities, end users can more effectively investigate incidents and achieve an enhanced level of situational awareness.”