Theia to demo 4K lens family on Dallmeier 4k cameras at ISC West 2016

April 6, 2016
New lenses designed to meet needs of a new range of 4k analytics-rich cameras and ensure true 4K resolution systems

ISC West 2016, Las Vegas, NV -  Theia Technologies, the IP video surveillance lens specialist, will demonstrate its new range of 4K lenses on the upcoming Dallmeier 4k cameras at ISC West 2016 in booth 6051. The lenses are now available for sale just as 4K is beginning to accelerate.

Theia’s new lenses offer resolution performance which truly matches the image quality improvements which the readily available 4K sensor cameras promise, but are not necessarily delivering.  The lenses are designed to resolve the 1.55 micron-sized pixel of the smaller 1/ 2.3” 4K sensors, while at the same time resolving the 1.85 micron pixels and covering the larger area of the 1/ 1.7” 4K image sensors used in Dallmeier’s upcoming DF5400 Ultraline series 4k cameras. 

The IR-corrected lenses are extremely compact given their large format, at only 64mm long.  Compared to other commonly found 1/1.7” format 4K lenses with similar features, they are much smaller, allowing them to fit into smaller dome cameras such as Dallmeier’s planned 4.5” 4K vandal resistant dome cameras, as well as its box type versions. 

Theia’s family of 4k varifocal lenses will cover a horizontal field of view from 112 degrees to 9 degrees, with focal ranges of 4-10mm in Theia’s SL410 lens and 12-50mm in the Theia SL1250 lens.  The new lenses will be offered in numerous configurations, including with motorized focus, zoom, IR cut filter, photo-interrupters, manual, DC auto and P iris options, as well as CS or D25 board mount versions.  The SL410 4-10mm lens will also be available in a C mount version.  Both lenses are in stock for immediate shipment.

The SL410 4-10mm lens boasts the fastest F number in the industry for that sensor at f/1.4 offering probably the best light gathering ability of any 4k varifocal lens being deployed in the surveillance market today.  

As Mark Peterson, VP Advanced Technology, at Theia Technologies, explained, “The emergence of 4K resolution in video surveillance will empower analytics-rich applications such as facial recognition, behavioral studies and ANPR, where a high level of detail and precision is required.  The technology is also an obvious choice for situations in which there is a lot of activity or large areas where there are limited options for placing cameras yet the entire area needs covering such as in shopping centers, stadiums or open public spaces.