PureTech Systems integrates PureActiv with SpotterRF radar

Sept. 7, 2016
Integration includes alarm corroboration, coordinated display and automated camera control capability

PHOENIX, Ariz. – PureTech Systems is well known in the development of video analytic capability to meet the needs of the security market.  It is also extremely proactive in combining this technology with other high performance sensors within the security market.  The most recent integration combines its video analytic expertise with that of the SpotterRF radar family, and specifically the C20B radar.  The integration is driven by an installation and system performance test at a major electrical power facility located in the United States.

The SpotterRF radar family provides advanced detection and tracking of potential threats, with the C20B providing detection out to 120m.   The integration allows these targets to be displayed and updated through the PureActiv map-based video management user display.  Additionally, the integration includes the sharing of position data to allow advanced autonomous sensor control, such as the ability to steer a camera to the exact point of intrusion (Slew to Cue) and the subsequent hand-free tracking of the intruder using a pan-tilt-zoom camera (Camera Auto Follow).  The combination of the technology provides for increased situation awareness to the user, enabling the viewing, management and track merging of various target types (radar, video, GPS, etc.) through a central user interface.  It also facilitates the automation of response actions, as well as, the corroboration of the detections between multiple sensors, providing more accurate detection and less false alarms.

“The ability for PureActiv to geo-reference video from security cameras in real time, means the solution speaks the same language as radars,” explains Eric Olson, Vice President of Marketing at PureTech Systems.  “This allows us to easily integrate with other geospatially aware sensors, such as the family of the SpotterRF radars.  The result is a more robust, more accurate and more user friendly surveillance solution for the security market.” 

“We continue to seek new ways to meet the needs of critical infrastructure customers,” explains Logan Harris, CEO at SpotterRF.  “We welcome the opportunity to integrate our radars with PureTech Systems’ geospatial video management system and intelligent video capability. This combined offering has immediate application in the electrical power industry and continued opportunity for growth.”

The integration took place at PureTech Systems’ headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and recently completed an extensive customer acceptance test to mark its first deployment.  It is currently available for new or existing installations.  The PureTech/SpotterRF integration may be seen at the PureTech booth #2973 at ASIS Orlando September 12-15.