Immix partners with Swissguard to provide real-time video guarding solutions

Dec. 15, 2020
Immix Guard Force Platform expands Swissguard’s offering of remote CCTV monitoring and managed security operations

(Tampa, FL) – TBD, 2020– Immix®, the industry leader in physical security software automation, today announced Swissguard as the latest user of its Immix® Guard Force platform.   Immix Guard Force is a situational awareness software automation platform used by guard providers and security agencies to monitor security systems and protect critical assets.

Immix Guard Force allows Swissguard to offer remote guarding services, as well as value-add managed video and situational awareness services, from its security operations center (SOC) in Budapest, Hungary to private customers worldwide.  Immix Guard Force is primarily used by physical guard providers looking to augment and enhance service offerings through technology that allows them to rapidly grow their businesses through back-end managed services and the outsourcing of traditional command center operations without incurring heavy additional costs.

“Immix is extremely pleased to announce this global relationship with SwissGuard,” stated Chris Brown, CEO of Immix.  “The fact that a company of its stature saw the value in Immix Guard Force and quickly moved to implement the solution, reinforces our belief that Guard Force offers a tremendous and unique opportunity for the security industry.  Swissguard is poised to be able to offer  its services, and we look forward to helping them achieve great success.”

Swissguard is unique in the remote video sector in that they do not wait for an alarm to be triggered to react to intrusions - they are a proactive monitoring operation. The company’s intervention professionals will enact a complete incident escalation on behalf of the customer according to customized protocol when a threat, incident or any suspicious activity is detected.

“Swissguard’s primary business model uses real-time CCTV monitoring as a powerful tool to prevent crime, reduce risk, mitigate damage, save lives, and safeguard assets, while significantly reducing security costs and giving customers peace of mind,” stated Arpad Rozgonyi, general manager for Swissguard. “When we say, ‘real-time monitoring’ we mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year,” continued Rozgonyi.  “Swissguard combines people, processes and military-grade AI to revolutionize on-site protection and traditional 24/7 alarm monitoring.”

About Immix

Immix is a global provider of software automation that improves the ability of commercial central stations and command centers to manage and respond to security events. Immix is deployed successfully in a wide variety of environments including the central station,

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About Swissguard

Swissguard was established in 2016, with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in the US and Europe offering a leading and unique real-time CCTV monitoring service to businesses and institutions.   Its surveillance center is manned by highly trained intervention professionals who are continuously, without interruption or distraction, watching live feeds to detect the threat of crime. Swissguard prevents crime, reduces risk, mitigates damage, saves lives and safeguards human and capital assets in a wide array of applications: warehouses, commercial real estate, multi-family housing, auto dealerships, education and corporate campuses, healthcare and financial institutions, parking facilities, shopping centers, houses of worship and many more.

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