Speco releases video surveillance and access control catalog

Oct. 19, 2021
Features in-depth explanations of basic product functionality as well as cutting-edge features
Speco Catalog

Amityville, N.Y., October 14, 2021 Proper video surveillance solutions are an integral part of any commercial or residential security procedures. Being able to capture not only a potential thief in the act, but also being able to monitor every crevasse of your property with precision is tantamount in creating a secure environment.  Conversely, being able to monitor who enters and leaves your building, who has access to certain doors, and recognizing a face as soon as our camera locates them is equally as important.

That is why at Speco Technologies, we streamlined the integration of both video surveillance and access control to provide the user with the ultimate peace of mind. Using our browser-based access control, our technology gives you the ability to comb over days’ worth of footage in minutes. Some of our state-of-the-art features include:

  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Vehicle and Human Detection
  • Line Crossing
  • Object Detection
  • Smart Search

Our goal is to provide the best technology possible while making sure the process is simple and easy to use.

These solutions as well as corresponding products are meticulously presented in our Video Surveillance & Access Control Catalog. Within this catalog, you will find an in-depth explanation of basic product functionality as well as cutting edge features that combine simplicity and security.  The catalog explores cost-effective options that allow you to apply forward-thinking technology to solve real-world issues.

For more information on our streamlined access control and video surveillance offerings, call Speco Technologies at (800) 645-5516 or visit our website at www.specotech.com.