Bosch highlights AI, customized solutions, new software and services at ISC West

March 15, 2022
Company to demonstrate new VSaaS offering, other new product innovations at annual tradeshow

At ISC West – March 23 - 25, 2022 in booth 11053, Bosch will showcase new products, services, and software for creating customized solutions that enhance security, improve safety, and deliver data for business insights. Booth visitors will experience deep neural network-based video analytics, a new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) offering, the first combination intrusion and fire control panel that connects with a public address system, and the latest version of Access Management System from Bosch. An immersive solutions area will also provide interactive demonstrations of integrated systems that address challenges often faced by end users.

“As our industry moves toward the next generation Internet of Things (IoT) that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with IoT, there are new possibilities for connected security devices beyond their traditional uses," said Brian Wiser, Regional President of Bosch Security and Safety Systems, North America. "Bosch AIoT video products act as sensors, gathering information on activity or objects in an area to strengthen the protection of people and property and provide business insights that bring new value to organizations. Solutions built on these intelligent sensors are shaping the future of security – one that assists users to predict unforeseen or future situations. They can help prevent things from happening or assist in uncovering business opportunities that create new revenue streams or reduce costs. When combined with intrusion, access control, and communications systems, there is even greater opportunity to improve security, safety, and operations for users.”

Integration enables solutions for common challenges

To demonstrate the full power of integrated solutions, Bosch will simulate an office building within its booth. In this area, visitors will experience how combining intrusion detection, AIoT video products, access control, and communications technology enables increased security and safety, more efficient monitoring and control, and automated audio announcements.  

For example, access control integrated with intrusion detection and AIoT video products benefits high risk areas. Using dual authentication, users must present a credential at an access control reader and enter a pin on a keypad when accessing a high security area. Integration with Bosch AIoT cameras ensures that any attempts to enter the area by unauthorized individuals will trigger the video management software to display video of the location at the operator workstation. This capability will be demonstrated with the Bosch Video Management System, Genetec Security Center, and Milestone XProtect, showing that customers can benefit from integrated solutions whether they choose a complete Bosch solution or combine Bosch technology with partner software offerings.

With integrated audio announcements, visitors will also see how activating an emergency pull station connected to a Bosch intrusion control panel can trigger the Bosch public address system to play emergency instructions through a loudspeaker, improving safety for building occupants. Bosch G Series is the first combination intrusion and fire control panel to meet UL2572 requirements for mass notification. As a result, G Series now provides control, visual annunciation, and central station reporting for mass notification applications.

Deep learning video analytics software supports predictive solutions

ISC West attendees will also experience how new deep neural network-based video analytics helps distinguish, count, and classify vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles in congested scenes with precise detail. It can also detect and count people. This technology is built-in to Object Classification (OC) versions of the latest Bosch INTEOX fixed and moving cameras and provides improved detection of people along perimeters as well as people and vehicle counting in crowded spaces. Interactive demonstrations in the booth will present ways to use data captured by the cameras to improve traffic flow, parking management, and intersection safety. The solutions help users keep vehicles and people moving efficiently while gathering information on roadway and parking lot usage. With these insights, users can make informed decisions to avoid safety issues, ease traffic congestion, and reduce emissions.

Services provide a scalable solution with minimized upfront investment

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) by Bosch is a new offering that enables users to monitor, manage, record, and replay video security footage in the cloud from anywhere. It helps site managers, security operators, or operations staff make quick decisions when faced with alarms, preventing them from becoming incidents. With VSaaS, cameras are the only hardware investment needed on-site, which benefits many businesses – especially those with multiple sites or remote locations – and reduces their capital expenses. It also eliminates maintenance and decreases costly site visits for storage equipment and server upkeep, while creating new recurring revenue streams for integrators.

Software for improved facility control

Bosch will also introduce Access Management System 4.0. This simple, scalable, and highly resilient system offers a solution for medium- to large-sized organizations with support for up to 400,000 cardholders, 10,000 doors, and 400 divisions. For high availability, a Master Access Controller ensures that system controllers continue to communicate with each other and share necessary information from card readers in the event of a server failure. Up to 15 configurable threat levels – such as secured, open, or custom configurations – means that safety measures can be initiated quickly in critical situations.

Access Management System 4.0 also integrates seamlessly with the Bosch Video Management System and B and G Series intrusion control panels for increased security and enhanced situational awareness.

In addition, the new Bosch Security Manager mobile app provides flexibility for users to monitor and control B and G Series intrusion systems remotely. Capabilities include arming and disarming, adding, deleting, and changing user passcodes, and receiving push notifications. Users can also access live video from Bosch cameras integrated with their systems.

For more information about Bosch products and solutions, visit ISC West booth 11053 or

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