Intelligent Security Systems announces distribution partnership with Utilicom Supply Associates

Jan. 26, 2023
Utilicom Supply Associates is one of the largest providers of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and solutions in the southeastern U.S.

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) has entered into a distribution partnership with Utilicom Supply Associates, one of the largest providers of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and solutions in the southeastern U.S.

Under the terms of the agreement, Utilicom, which supplies contractors across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Carolinas with leading-edge products for the utility and transportation industries, will offer ISS’ suite of high-trust video analytics and the SecurOS video intelligence platform to clients across the region. Among these analytic capabilities include vehicle counting, heat maps of traffic flow, and much more.

“We provide a solution that is end-to-end: From the camera out in the field all the way through the switch, the fiber (cabling) and back to the traffic operations center. With ISS, we can put a video intelligence platform on the monitor wall so that they can easily add the SecurOS AI analytics package,” said Marc Faubert, Technical Engineer at Utilicom.

In addition to AI analytics and the SecurOS platform, Utilicom will also be providing its customers with several hybrid ISS products that feature a combination of both video surveillance hardware and cutting-edge software, including the Soffit dynamic lighting system for pedestrian crosswalks and the Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS), which has received significant interest from potential customers in a variety of applications, including airports, seaports, truck weigh stations, and more. 

“As we bring our internationally proven ITS solutions to the North American market, Utilicom will play an important role in a region of the country that is at the forefront of intelligent transportation solutions,” said Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America at ISS.

“Since 2007, Utilicom has been known for being close to their customers, responsive to their needs, and matching solutions to client challenges. This is the kind of partner we pride ourselves on having and we are excited to work with them moving forward.”

For more information about Utilicom, call 855-884-5426 or visit their website at