Innovations in security tech from CES 2019

Jan. 11, 2019
Show now encompasses more than just smart home, DIY security gadgets

LAS VEGAS – Technology manufacturers from around the world gathered in Las Vegas this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase the next generation of devices and systems that will revolutionize the way we live, work and play. From autonomous vehicles and advanced mobile communications to the latest entertainment gadgets, the show featured a wide swath of technology innovation for myriad industries, including security.

While the foray of CES into security began with home automation and its eventual integration with residential security systems that we know today as the Smart Home, the show now offers a glimpse into other significant tech trends – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc. ­– that are now impacting various other sectors the security market, such as video surveillance and access control.

Here are few of the companies I had a chance to visit with during the show and the potential impact of their technology on the security industry moving forward:


The introduction of the neural network, artificial intelligence-supported CV2 processor with CVFlow from the popular System-on-Chip (SoC) manufacturer Ambarella virtually stole the show for AI/video surveillance in CES2019. Current Ambarella solution providers are among the top suppliers in the video surveillance camera market with their individual deployments of these amazing processors.  The key differentiator is Ambarella’s lower power consumption, virtually eliminating the possibility of poor performance due to the chipset’s thermal environment.  The difference in a side-by side comparison of Ambarell’s multi-lane vehicle identification and ANPR/LPR AI-based processing shows their video stream continuous and uninterrupted, while their competitor’s processor struggles to keep up, rendering a choppy video feed that looks like a 5 images per second frame rate.  Here’s a partial summary:

  • Real-time object recognition with recognition confidence level.
  • Multi-lane, real-time vehicle ID + ANPR/LPR – even trucks with multiple plates.
  • 3D object imaging showing visual differences with colors.
  • Fully colorized views of streets, traffic, buildings with object recognition overlaid.
  • Even a densely crowded intersection has all individual vehicles recognized and identified.

Security and Safety Things (SAST) – A Spin-Off from Bosch

This company offers one of the most promising innovations in the security ecosystem via the creation of four key services:

  1. The first “standardized” OS platform to support virtually any video surveillance camera with transparent upgrades, similar to the way Google Play and the App Store handle updates.
  2. An integrator portal designed for delivering video services.
  3. A world-class App Store to purchase video management, analytics and related applications.
  4. A software developer environment designed to encourage collaboration on the new platform and move the SAST community forward.

To learn more about SAST, check out this SIW podcast interview with Hartmut Schaper, the company's CEO, conducted at last year's GSX conference.  

Resideo – An Independent Spin-Off from Honeywell

From HVAC and building management to home automation, Honeywell has supported the security and safety industry with a suite of the most cohesive solutions. Resideo is now formed to deliver HVAC, comfort, security and fully integrated home automation to the residential and small commercial environment.  A new multi-sensor indoor or outdoor space detection sensor with object recognition has been introduced by the company to protect pools, property and home interiors.  An array of simplified comfort and HVAC devices now works together with a simple, intelligent temp control.  The industry’s first integrated, mobile home automation control panel in a tablet format can now be moved about virtually anywhere in or nearby the home, providing controls, security monitoring and video surveillance.  Resideo presented a wall of many home automation component/solution companies they now integrate with.  The most interesting product is a small Home Automation Starter Kit presented in a package housing a high tech cylinder with area detection, entry lock control, video surveillance, audio and natural language.

Known for its comprehensive mobile services platform, the company introduced two new features at CES 2019:

  1. Using the new "Smart Signal" feature, a subscriber can cancel a home alarm or confirm it, with the central station proceeding to dispatch authorities, which will create an opportunity to significantly reduce false alarms.
  2. A new Wellness service gives family members and friends the opportunity to keep the elderly safe, yet maintain their independence through personalized senior care.  Wellness uses discreet wireless sensors throughout the living area, tracking activity, monitoring falls and wellness indicators, thereby giving caregivers real-time insight into current conditions as well as potential emergent problems.


Born from deep learning, high resolution cameras and continuous improvement through vehicle undercarriage scans, UVeye is an answer to processing vehicular screening faster.  UVeye either is or will be deployed in a wide range of vertical industries, including border crossings, vehicle manufacturers, airports and stadiums.  Bombs, weapons and drugs hidden in vehicle undercarriage components like gas tanks are detected by noticing tiny changes to the vehicle part’s appearances, since UVeye has continually collected successful scans of what these components should look like and thereby improving the recognition process through machine learning algorithms.


Two new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled “Halo” smart locks connect to existing routers, no hub necessary and through the Kwikset mobile smartphone/tablet app, supports 250 unique user codes, guests and remote lock/unlock functions.

Other security companies showcasing their wares at this year’s show included:

About the Author:

Steve Surfaro is Chairman of the Public Safety Working Group for the Security Industry Association (SIA) and has more than 30 years of security industry experience. He is a subject matter expert in smart cities and buildings, cybersecurity, forensic video, data science, command center design and first responder technologies. Follow him on Twitter, @stevesurf.