IntelliSite Corporation acquires Deep Vision AI

June 30, 2020
Adds thousands of licensed users, deep learning, established partnerships and AI-based computer vision technology

Ceres, CA & Fort Mill, SC – June 10, 2020 – IntelliSite Corporation, the industry’s most complete IoT Lifecyle, Human-Based Monitoring (hBM) and Smart Communities as-a-Service (SCaaS) solution provider, announced the acquisition of Deep Vision AI Inc., a leader in AI-enhanced computer vision technology which helps turn visual content into real-time analytics and valuable insights.  

The acquisition of Deep Vision AI adds a portfolio of deep learning-based computer vision products, thousands of licensed users, and established partnerships with AI industry leaders. The Deep Vision AI software was designed specifically for today’s mid-market and large enterprise-class customers, a growing global partner ecosystem as well as federal, state and local government customers worldwide. The combined company’s a la carte applications, bundled solutions and end-to-end, subscription-based model is focused around providing positive business outcomes as well as efficiency, safety, security and retail - all delivered at incredible scale and speed needed to keep pace with today’s global digital economy.  

"Agustin and Leandro first started Deep Vision in 2014, when they understood the vast commercial potential of their visual recognition AI software based on a new wave of deep learning algorithms. First conceived and crafted in their academic pursuits, the two have leveraged their learning and created a nimble, creative and well-respected visual AI company with successful partnerships around the globe," said Ken Mills, CEO of IntelliSite. "We are thrilled to add this amazing company to our growing portfolio of capabilities. Together, IntelliSite envisions a safer and smarter world powered by our innovative IoT and AI software solutions."  

“We are very excited to join forces with IntelliSite. We offer a complete AI and IoT solution to help our valued partners and clients with world-class technology to solve safety, security and business intelligence problems across a variety of verticals, like cities and public venues, retail stores, healthcare, gaming, and many others. We are very proud of our team, this wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work and commitment to our company,” said Agustin Caverzasi, Co-Founder & CEO of Deep Vision AI. “Leandro Lichtensztein and I will continue leading the company and our specialized computer vision team will continue to deliver immediate value to our clients and partners.”  

In addition to its technology, Deep Vision AI has established partnerships with strategic technology, platform, consulting, distributor, integrator, VARs and OEM partners, such as Nvidia, Dell Technologies, AWS, Macnica, Intel and others. These partnerships will help IntelliSite bring forth the best-proven solutions that solve real-world business problems and interoperate with a portfolio of computer vision applications.   

About Deep Vision AI Deep Vision AI platform provides advanced AI features through facial recognition, vehicle recognition, people counting and demographics software modules. It provides insights to help achieve higher operational efficiencies, understand customer analytics in real-time, enhance the customer experience, and improve overall safety and security. Deep Vision AI also applies its technology to monitor targeted zones to automatically capture events and prompt real-time alerts and incidents in cities, transportation, gaming, and other industries. More recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, Deep Vision AI partnered with IntelliSite to provide a comprehensive solution that combines Deep Vision’s proprietary advanced computer vision technology with IntelliSite’s All-In-One, Human-Based Monitoring (hBM) system. Together, this solution delivers a smarter application to detect elevated body temperatures in real-time to identify high-risk individuals and create actionable outcomes.  

To learn more, send questions, or schedule an interview, please contact [email protected] or visit www.deepvisionai.comLinkedIn or Twitter.  

About IntelliSite Corporation: IntelliSite is the industry’s most complete IoT Lifecyle, Human-Based Monitoring (hBM), Computer Vision and Smart Communities as-a-Service (SCaaS) solution provider for today’s mid-market and enterprise class customers, partners and federal, state and local governments worldwide. The company’s a la carte and end-to-end, subscription-based model is focused around positive business outcomes and experiences, efficiency, safety, security and commerce - all delivered at incredible scale and speed needed to keep pace with today’s global digital economy. For more information, visit or via LinkedIn.