Vintra announces availability of new integration within Genetec Security Center

March 24, 2022
Advanced, AI-powered forensic and real-time analytics solution provides faster video search and accurate critical-event alerts

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2022) – Vintra, Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions, has announced a video analytics integration that brings together Vintra Fortify and Genetec™ Security Center. This integration will deliver an advanced forensic and real-time analytics solution, providing users with the ability to rapidly review and analyze recorded video content, automatically index live video streams and enable accurate event alerting and instant search from a single unified security platform.

“This integration helps achieve our goal of improving the way users search and monitor video for critical security and safety events with deep learning-powered video intelligence,” said Brent Boekestein, CEO and Co-founder of Vintra. “We are thrilled to work together with Genetec to deliver this solution, giving security teams new force-multiplying capabilities and making it easier than ever for customers to get started on their journey of deploying AI on their live or recorded video.”

“We are pleased to add this solution to our ecosystem, giving users a single interface to perform forensic search in Security Center,” said Florian Matusek, Product Group Director, Video Analytics, Genetec. “Vintra’s AI-powered video analytics provide a powerful tool for our users to increase the value of their video surveillance solution.”

Vintra Fortify is a purpose-built video intelligence solution that automatically indexes video streams so they can be rapidly searched or provide immediate alerts in real time. It makes any fixed or mobile security camera smarter, with accurate critical-event alerts and lightning-fast video search.

The solution runs as an integrated workflow within the Genetec Security Center and provides Vintra’s enterprise-grade video analytics to enable faster response to unfolding events and reduce the time required for forensic investigations. Users can rapidly search hours of recorded video from Genetec-connected cameras, whether they are fixed or mobile.

Real-time analytics make it possible to detect an ever-growing corpus of objects and events on live streams of video, such as people vehicles, long guns, bags, person down events, direction of travel, crowd formation, loitering, zones of interest and more. A powerful rules engine monitors cameras 24/7 and sends alerts directly to the Genetec Security Center.

Additional benefits of the enhanced integration include:

●      A purpose-built approach to training data, object detection and classification for best-in-class accuracy on typical objects, with the lowest level of bias and up to 20 points better accuracy on unique objects compared to existing models

●      Integrated case management and reporting to quickly create cases of recent incidents for sharing with internal and external partners

●      Map/geo results to overlay analytic data on Genetec maps data to better understand a given incident

●      Support for GPU-enabled desktop or server appliances with off-the-shelf hardware

To learn more about this Vintra and Genetec integration, visit Vintra at booth #13132 and Genetec at booth #13062 at ISC West 2022, or go to

About Vintra, Inc.

Vintra delivers AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform any real-world video into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence. Its enterprise-grade software solution makes existing security cameras – whether fixed or mobile – smarter and improves how organizations and governments automatically monitor and search video for critical security and safety events. For more information, visit