ISS unveils new analytic detectors with release of SecurOS 11.6

Sept. 7, 2023
In addition to these three new analytics modules, our SecurOS Unifier solution, which provides end users with real-time centralized monitoring and automated incident management, has also received a major upgrade as part of the 11.6 release.

Woodbridge, N.J., Sept. 7th, 2023 – ISS (Intelligent Security Systems), a leading global provider of video intelligence and data awareness solutions, announced today the launch of three new analytic detectors – Fallen Person, Fighting and Fare Evasion – with the release of SecurOS 11.6, the latest version of our renowned Video Intelligence Platform that enables end users to manage video search and archiving alongside AI-powered video analytics in a single user interface.

Here is a brief overview of each new detector along with other important updates in SecurOS 11.6:

SecurOS Fallen Person Detector

Historically, slip-and-falls have presented significant risks for businesses of all sizes. Whether it is a customer falling on a substance in a retail store or a worker slipping and injuring themselves in a factory, these incidents are not only costly from the standpoint of potential litigation, but also in lost productivity. In fact, according to data compiled by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, lost-time workers’ compensation claims averaged just over $48,000 from 2019 to 2020.

The SecurOS Fallen Person Detector recognizes lying or fallen people and informs an organization’s response personnel. By analyzing each video frame, the detector, with the help of neural network training, tracks people whose body position is horizontal or close to horizontal and continues to remain so for a certain period of time (the interval is configurable).

If such people are detected, the detector will send an appropriate notification to the Event protocol. The operator then can pull up corresponding video footage in the archive (the person lying will be highlighted with a color frame on the video), determine the incident location, and decide on further actions.

Beyond identifying slip-and-falls, the detector is also ideal for helping those who have lost consciousness or may be deliberately lying down in places where it is prohibited.

SecurOS Fighting Detector

As the name implies, the SecurOS Fighting Detector can determine people engaged in combat by identifying active human movements with a person’s hands and legs. Across the entire area of the video frame there is a search for people performing active actions with hands and legs. If such people are found, the algorithm determines the probability of the “fight” process from 0 to 1 (“0” - no fight definitely; “1” - there is a fight definitely). If the received value is higher than the certainty threshold specified in the settings, the event, “fight is started,” is generated.

The primary data about the detected incident is then forwarded to the operator/dispatcher and, if required, this person can communicate with security personal to resolve the conflict. The event ticket consists of: incident ID; date and time of the incident starting and finishing; incident duration; place of the incident; the link to the relevant video fragment; and, service data (camera ID, etc.).

SecurOS Fare Evasion Detector

Designed for transit environments, the SecurOS Fare Evasion Detector identifies people who try to obtain access to subways or bus stations by jumping over a turnstile, crawling under it, or passing between the blocking bar and the turnstile stand. The module is based on Neural Network technology and detects fare evasion at turnstiles and gates in a number of complex scenes and scenarios (outlined below).

The algorithm for Fare Evasion at turnstiles:

  • Detects and tracks a person in the scene.
  • Knows if a person is entering or exiting through turnstile/gate.
  • Analyzes a person’s movements based on points throughout their body.
  • Interprets what normal and abnormal movement is through the turnstiles and gates.
  • Counts all people going through turnstiles/gates.

SecurOS Unifier Updates

In addition to these three new analytics modules, our SecurOS Unifier solution, which provides end users with real-time centralized monitoring and automated incident management, has also received a major upgrade as part of the 11.6 release. These latest updates include:

  • Spanish language support.
  • Portuguese language support.
  • Logical block (Yes/No) added to the action scenario editor.
  • Ability to save brief and detailed (with images) incident reports in PDF format.
  • Timeout for handling incidents by Supervisor. After the timeout is exceeded, the incidents are moved to the Archive with the corresponding status.
  • Counter for overdue incidents of varying severity with the ability to quickly display such incidents in the Archive.
  • Editing of possible false alarms causes. It is now possible to assign selected possible false alarms causes to each incident type.
  • Automatic update of device names when performing import from SecurOS.
  • Ability to configure the Dispatcher’s administrator login / password from SecurOS.
  • “Administrator” role added. The Administrator does not handle incidents but has access to all data, similar to “Supervisor.”

ISS Server Line Updates

A number of hardware updates have also been announced as part of the 11.6 release. Among these include:

  • Server line moved to Windows 11 Pro and Windows Server 2022.
  • New 120 Series video appliance added to list of supporting hardware.
  • Rugged NVR offering updated.
  • Updated server specs now include the latest generation Intel Core and Xeon processors.

“Our updates to SecurOS commonly have functionality enhancements that other companies would consider to be entirely new product line,” said Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America at ISS. “For our customers these updates, and training on them, are included free as part of their service agreement. We look forward to introducing our customers to these new features in the coming weeks.”

Interested in seeing these or any of our other AI-powered modules in action? Request a demo here or stop by and see us at next week’s GSX show in Dallas (booth #2753) where we will be conducting live demos of our new labor safety and compliance analytics suite, along with our SecurOS Tracking Kit, FaceX and FaceX as a Credential offerings.