Lumeo Partners with Hanwha Vision America to Unlock Advanced Analytics On-Camera

April 10, 2024
Advanced AI analytics run on Hanwha’s new camera, eliminating the need for analytics servers

OAKLAND, CA April 09, 2024 — Lumeo, a leading provider of video analytics solutions, announces a partnership with Hanwha Vision America, a global leader in surveillance and security solutions, to launch advanced AI analytics that run on Hanwha’s new camera, eliminating the need for analytics servers, and simplifying site deployments.

This strategic collaboration enables customers to run Lumeo’s cutting-edge AI analytics on Hanwha’s state-of-the-art camera, the newly launched PNM-C32084RQZ camera — a high-resolution 8MP x 4 multi-sensor, multi-directional camera that. incorporates an Nvidia Jetson, enabling powerful AI processing directly on the edge.

Key Features and Benefits:

Advanced On-Camera Analytics: Lumeo’s AI platform, integrated and running seamlessly into the Hanwha camera, delivers high-end analytics on the edge, surpassing basic functionalities. Customers can now benefit from traditional and generative vision AI models from Lumeo’s vast library, analytics like dwell, queue, redaction, speed, and proximity, and integrate into 3rd party systems — all running right on the camera.

An All-in-One AI Platform: The integration enables on-camera analytics to be configured from, and to push data to Lumeo’s comprehensive AI platform that provides multi-camera data, video and event dashboards, AI search, remote management, and streaming capabilities.

Simplified Deployment: With analytics processed within the camera itself, there’s no need for additional computing hardware, leading to faster installation and maintenance.

Customizable Solutions: Leveraging Lumeo’s drag-and-drop tools, pre-built analytic building blocks, support for custom models, and custom code, users can effortlessly tailor analytics to their exact needs.

The PNM-C32084RQZ camera offers unparalleled flexibility, with each of its four sensors capable of providing 8MP resolution per channel. remote adjustments for pan, tilt, rotation, along with motorized zoom and focus control, ensure precise coverage.

“Our partnership with Lumeo represents a gamechanger for security solutions. By integrating Lumeo’s AI platform into our latest camera, the PNM-32084RQZ, we’re setting new standards for on-camera analytics. This collaboration empowers organizations with unprecedented flexibility, intelligence, and efficiency,” said Tom Cook, EVP of Hanwha Vision America.

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