Seagate Storage Powers Big Data Insights for Traffic Management in Smart Cities

Jan. 16, 2019
Why smart cities across the globe are turning to Seagate to power the storage solutions that make Big Data analysis and smart traffic management possible

It should come as no surprise that traffic is growing worse by the year in the United States. Across the country, average commuters spend 42 hours a year in traffic, according to a report by the Texas Transportation Institute. Last year, congestion cost the United States $305 billion, a $10 billion increase from 2016.

These traffic jams aren’t just a nuisance to drivers. When an accident happens on a gridlocked highway, emergency vehicles can lose precious time trying to navigate roads. This can lead to exponentially increased response times, putting lives at risk. The rideshare economy and driverless cars may help to reduce the U.S.’ traffic woes.

Click here to read this SMARTpaper from Seagate Technology to learn how the company’s surveillance storage solutions are playing an instrumental role in today’s smart traffic management solutions.