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The SecurityInfoWatch.com Miscellaneous Biometric Solutions product category is a collection of news, product listings and other resources for security professionals researching biometric access and identity verification solutions that leverage identifiers beyond the typical modalities.
IMID Access 4.0, commercially available this month, uses a fusion of biometrics-based technologies for a robust list of identification-oriented applications, including access control, employee time-and-attendance and retail consumer experience.

IMID Access 4.0

March 30, 2017
IMID Access 4.0, a new generation of biometric visual identification solutions
VerifyMe’s Version 2.0 platform replaces traditional password/PIN logins and outdated 2-factor authentication systems with fast and strong authentication of several attributes including geo-location, biometrics, knowledge factors and possession factors. VerifyMe’s API’s provide enterprise application developers with the resources and support needed for seamless integration of VerifyMe’s multi-factor authentication product.

VerifyMe initiates the release of version 2.0 with Developer Portal launch

Feb. 3, 2016
New Platform offers seamless integration of multi-factor authentication API’s for web, Cloud and mobile applications
Biometric Signature ID has introduced BioSig-ID™ a new form of online security software that can authentic a user logging into a network with 99.97% accuracy. Instead of using a password or PIN, which can easily be compromised, BioSig-ID™ uses biometrics, which is defined as something physically or behaviorally unique to an individual.

Biometric Signature ID's BioSig-ID

Biosignature ID Verification: Positively ID online users by identifying behavior and gestures that are unique to each individual
IMID Mobile is a smartphone application that delivers FST's award-winning IMID technology to personal devices, while IMID Rapid provides an end-to-end, ruggedized and portable solution to quickly secure access to contained areas, such as crime scenes and senior government official press conferences.

FST Biometrics's IMID Mobile and IMID Rapid

March 31, 2015
IMID mobile and IMID Rapid provide valuable in-motion identification
The ability to provide evidence of all the events surrounding the authentication activity not only provides a powerful tool to combat fraud, but also ensures compliance with evolving regulations that portend to mandate stricter standards of identity authorization.
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Taking the Next Step to Secure Online Activity

Biosignature ID Verification: Positively ID online users by identifying behavior and gestures that are unique to each individual