New dealer program from AT&T and Xanboo

Aug. 8, 2008
Dealer program links alarm monitoring, streaming video to phones, automation

On Monday, Xanboo and AT&T are set to announce a new security dealer program to the North American security market. This new service ties in AT&T's remote monitoring services with Xanboo's technology for streaming digital video.

In a nutshell, here's what the system can do:

Dealers can set up remote video and alarm monitoring for a person's home or business using the Xanboo technology with a kit that starts under $900. This can include door and window sensors and IP cameras that connect to a router over power lines or directly via Ethernet cables. They then have the ability to add a module that ties in directly with many alarm systems (including DSC or Honeywell's Vista panels) to allow remote access to those panels with only the Xanboo upgrade. In addition, the Xanboo platform links home automation (remote power on/off and dimming of lights, thermostat controls, etc.).

The solution allows for both self-monitoring and central station managed monitoring. The system is driven by the fact that it encourages remote monitoring and management, allowing alerts to be sent to cell phones along with video clips.

According to Robin McVey, director of dealer development for Xanboo, the company's system was one of the first to combine streaming video with home automation and security. He says the market seems very ready for such a solution and that means a dealer program fits the growth plan. AT&T has been selling the system directly for quite some time, said McVey but to expand the solution, it needed to get into the hands of traditional security dealers.

The new dealer program requires a $1,750 start-up fee, and it includes marketing materials, and a website set up from Xanboo/AT&T Remote Monitor as well as the training on the systems. According to McVey, it's appropriate for both business and residential security.

McVey said part of the real value is that security dealers can leverage the AT&T brand while taking advantage of national marketing. Dealers use a pre-built website branded with their own dealership, and McVey says the pay-out system offers a quite lucrative revenue-sharing model for dealers selling the Xanboo/AT&T solution. He notes that the company is hosting a webinar this coming Monday, Aug. 11 (registration link) to provide additional information on the dealer program and has a website about the dealer program available at