Tane Introduces New Hidden Screw Window/Door Contact

Oct. 10, 2006
Easy to install design in surface mount contact with 1-inch gap

Tane Alarm Products now has an easy to install surface mount contact with a 1-inch gap. The TANE-GP-23 has cover to hide screws and give that window or door a clean look. An added bonus is that it allows wiring to be covered and protected.

Wiring for Tane's contact can be done from the back, the side or the top if needed. To install, the technician simply snaps the cover off, attaches the wire from any direction, screws it down and pops the cover back on. Dimensions are L: 2" (51mm) x H: .1/2" (13mm) x W: .3/8" (9mm). The TANE-GP-23 comes with an industry leading $50-1 against normal failures. Colors available are white, gray and brown with extra vent magnets available.

For more information call 800-852-5050 or go to [email protected] and www.magneticcontacts.com.