AKCP Introduces Waterproof Temperature & Humidity Sensor

April 23, 2007
New sensor joins AKCP's sensorProbe product line

Bangkok, Thailand – 26 March 2007. AKCP Inc., the oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP-based devices for environmental and security monitoring solutions introduces a new sensor for its sensorProbe line of products.

AKCP Waterproof Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The AKCP Waterproof Temperature & Humidity sensor is designed to work in wet environments and its revolutionary design uses a specially designed casing in order to accurately measure temperature when submersed to depths of up to 15ft. Similar to our standard temperature sensor it is comprised of a microprocessor controlled semiconductor that will never need calibrating.

The new sensor can be used in many applications, either outdoors in a wet environment or fully submersed in water. The unit, once plugged in is automatically detected by any of our sensorProbe product line and can be configured through the web interface. The unit can be setup in a matter of minutes.

The new AKCP Waterproof Temperature & Humidity sensor has the ability to measure temperatures from -55 Celsius (-67 Fahrenheit) to 75 Celsius (167 Fahrenheit). The AKCP Waterproof Temperature & Humidity sensor features a response time of 0.5 seconds and has a range of up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) and is fully compatible with any of the sensorProbe8Linux, cameraProbe8, sensorProbe2 and sensorProbe8 products.

AKCP Inc., established in 1981, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP based environmental and security monitoring solutions. Over 25,000 installations use AKCP for disaster prevention and infrastructure security. Providing early warning of threats to the integrity of a company's data and assets, AKCP serves Public Utilities, the Media, Telecommunications Corporations, Food and Beverage Industries, Corporate Data Centers, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Government Defense and Security Operations and all those who require the ultimate in disaster prevention solutions.

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