Smart home security system helps homeowners protect pets

Jan. 22, 2013
Moon Security customer uses SECURE+ advanced features to keep tabs on 'Kanine kids'

Irving, Texas (January 18, 2013) — Many pet owners say having a dog is the only security system they need. But who’s watching the dog?

Pet lover Ro Vinson wanted to check on her three beloved Golden Retrievers while she was away, so she turned to smart home technology for peace of mind. With the help of an advanced electronic security system that gives her remote access to cameras in her home, she’s able to see whether the new puppy is getting into mischief or the older dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

“Our dogs are definitely important members of the family, so we don’t like leaving them alone, even for short periods of time,” Vinson said. “Puppy antics can be adorable to watch, but you do worry when you give the dogs free rein of the house when you are away.”

Vinson enlisted help from Moon Security, a SECURE+ integrator in her area. Moon Security installed Total Connect, a security system with remotely accessible cameras. Now, Vinson can look in on her Kanine Kids (as she calls them) via a smart phone, tablet or computer from anywhere she may travel.

SECURE+ is a special designation offered by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) as a way of increasing awareness of enhanced digital services provided by the association’s members. SECURE+ integrators make their customers' lives not only safer and more secure, but simpler, more energy-efficient and more convenient.

For Vinson, SECURE+ technology is the next best thing to being at home. “Our security system with enhanced features allows us to see if the kids are sleeping or causing carnage,” she said.
That so-called carnage is a real threat to Vinson’s home considering Bacall, her youngest pooch, is a notorious counter-surfer. With help from her enhanced security system, Vinson can keep a close eye on her brood to ensure Bacall hasn’t accidentally turned on the stove or caused any other emergencies that can come from a counter top canine.

In addition, Vinson says that via her security system she routinely observed her elder dog sleeping against the rear exit door in the house. This behavior may be an indication of mild separation anxiety. Without the new technology, this behavior would have gone unnoticed and untreated.

Being able to visually monitor what her Kanine Kids are doing gives Vinson reassurance that all is well.
“The peace of mind extends to knowing the company providing the system is trustworthy,” Vinson said. “We know and trust Moon Security because they have been a part of our community here for over 50 years. Being a SECURE+ member is further proof they are experts in these more advanced, connected-home type systems.”

Mike Miller, president of Moon Security, said earning that kind of confidence from his customers has been a combined effort of providing advanced technology delivered by well-trained and trustworthy professionals.

“We hold our installation, service and monitoring crews to the highest standards of excellence, carefully screening them and then making sure they receive frequent training on the latest technologies,” Miller said.

Vinson supports several animal rescue organizations and has provided a permanent, loving home for many dogs over the years. She has used smart home technology to help give her adopted dogs the best care possible.

“We used the cameras to make sure one of our dogs with a medical issue (Dukie) was doing okay after surgery,” Vinson said. “It’s so important to watch them after they’ve had an operation and need to wear a collar to prevent them from licking the stitches. If they get the collar off and rip their stitches, the consequences could be fatal.”

Vinson set up an alert to notify her when Dukie moved so she would know when to check the camera.

While some of the pets Vinson has adopted are stray or abandoned dogs who need a good home, she also provides a home for pedigree, show, and therapy dogs, such as her dog, Bogey, who is a certified therapy dog. These dogs can be targets of theft. To keep them safe and sound, Vinson relies on her security system and cameras to monitor the exterior of her home to help protect the animals from being harmed or stolen.

“Thankfully we live in a safe neighborhood, but part of the responsibility in caring for a pet is to make sure they are safe at all times, even if you can’t be there to watch them 24/7,” said Vinson. “There are people who target certain breeds of dogs for dog fighting purposes or to be re-sold. So, we rely on the security system to help protect both the inside and outside of the house.”

Across the nation, scores of homeowners such as Vinson are turning to their electronic security providers and local SECURE+ integrators for the installation, monitoring, service and maintenance of sophisticated systems at the heart of the connected home. SECURE+ integrators have the proven expertise to design and install enhanced home control systems that work for any lifestyle.