Sonitrol National Dealer’s Association joins PPVAR

April 18, 2013
The SNDA is composed of 45 independent Sonitrol franchise holders with locations across the USA and Canada

St. Paul, MN. April 18, 2013 -- The Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response (PPVAR) is pleased to announce that the Sonitrol National Dealers Association (SNDA) voted to become a member of the PPVAR. The SNDA is composed of 45 independent Sonitrol franchise holders with locations across the USA and Canada. While the primary mission of the PPVAR is focused on video verified alarms, professional audio verification is welcomed as an enhancement to make more arrests and reduce false alarms. PPVAR president Donald Young, CIO of Protection 1 stated, “We are pleased to have Sonitrol join the PPVAR and help us promote the value of verified alarms and priority response. Sonitrol’s impressive record of over 165,000 arrests and strong historical relationships with local law enforcement are consistent with the PPVAR’s mission to build a strong public/private partnership and make more arrests.” William McNabney of the SNDA states, “While we understand the focus of the PPVAR is video verification, the Sonitrol dealers believe that the overall mission is to promote enhanced alarm systems to make more arrests and reduce false alarms. Sonitrol is the pioneer in verified alarms and joining the PPVAR just makes sense.”

The current PPVAR board seat held by Douglas Curtiss, owner of Sonitrol New England, will be reassigned to William McNabney, who will represent the entire SNDA. The PPVAR is also adding a new committee to focus on audio verification and several Sonitrol Dealers are also joining the PPVAR to participate on the audio committee and help promote the mission of PPVAR. These new members include:
Chip Shiver – Sonitrol Dayton
Doug Smith – Sonitrol Tallahassee
John Ray – Sonitrol Ft. Lauderdale
Douglas Curtiss – Sonitrol New England
Chuck Harrelson – Sonitrol of the Triangle
Dave Jones/Paul Nichol – Sonitrol Buffalo, Rochester, Canada
Beau Bradley – Sonitrol Pacific
Ron Files – Sonitrol Sacramento, Orange County

The PPVAR was created to build a public/private partnership to promote video verified alarm systems as a means to combat property crime and reduce insurance losses. Verified alarms increase criminal apprehensions while reducing police resources consumed by false alarms. While many jurisdictions have been forced to limit response to traditional burglar alarm signals, the PPVAR supports traditional police response to classic burglar alarms and priority response to video alarms that are veri?ed by a certi?ed central station. Through “insurance working groups” focused on loss concerns in specific vertical markets, PPVAR is also compiling “best practices” for loss control professionals to maximize risk reduction using video alarms in conjunction with priority response. Key risk mitigation applications include; copper theft, vacant buildings, outdoor or remote asset protection and general burglary protection.