Metis Secure's MS-6100 Emergency Help Station

May 24, 2012
Company's help station includes hands-free voice communication and provides exact location of incident

Metis Secure recently introduced a new product line: the MS-6100 Emergency Help Station.

This new, innovative alerting device is housed in a weatherproof, vandal-resistant exterior box that expands the application of our emergency notification system to locations such as outdoor parks, bus, train and subway stations, parking garages, parks and courtyards.

Compared to many other help stations on the market, the MS-6100 has a number of unique features including hands-free live voice communication with police in seconds. In addition, the system instantly provides the exact location of the incident, records the conversation and logs it for future reference. The MS-6100 is equipped with a heater to maintain operation in cold weather. The MS-6100 can also push out messages to people in outside situations warning about weather and other emergencies.