Silent Call's Signature Series Watch Receiver

Aug. 1, 2012
Watch alerts users to visitors, calls and emergencies

Waterford, MI – June 29, 2012 - Silent Call Communications, an American manufacturer that distributes visual and tactile alerting devices to organizations, companies and individuals alike, formerly introduces the Signature Series Watch Receiver, alerting the wearer quickly to visitors, calls, and emergencies.

“Our mission at Silent Call is to provide the most reliable, usable, and life-enhancing systems for seniors, people who are hard of hearing, those who are out of hearing range, deaf or deaf/blind,” said Lisa DeLeuil, Director. “We are constantly looking for ways to help make people’s lives a little easier and we believe our Signature Series Watch Receiver does just that.”

The Watch has a radio frequency range of up to 250 feet, and allows the person wearing it to be fully in-touch with what is going on in their home without missing out on their lives. It will receive a signal from various Silent Call Signature Series transmitters and then displays a corresponding digital icon while emitting distinct pulse vibrations, designating which transmitter sent the signal. The Watch can monitor phones, smoke detectors, doorbells, weather alert systems, sound monitors, and other Silent Call Signature Series 418MHz transmitters. Additional features include:

• Microprocessor controlled
• Teach/learn push button programming
• Unlimited address learning capability
• 24-hour operation with charger and bed vibrator
• Built-in clock
• Pulsating bed vibrator with predetermined output vibrations for each transmitter type

Another great feature is that the Watch lets the wearer know when one of the transmitters is not working properly, for example if the fire alarm is out of batteries. Silent Call is the only company whose products self monitor in this way. For more information or to purchase, visit