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Computer and Network Security Software

Integreon launches CyberHawk-AI cyber incident response

Feb. 13, 2023
Integreon’s CyberHawk-AI is a machine learning-based BoT designed to expedite the review process for potentially compromised data while improving accuracy and overall efficiency...
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Security Executives

A Tale of Monsters and Impending Doom

Aug. 8, 2022
Ahhh – summer holidays are here. This week, I was sitting poolside at a resort in Key West, Florida, the southernmost town in the continental United States and a testament to ...
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Claroty unveils cybersecurity platform for cyber and operational resilience

Aug. 2, 2022
New Claroty xDome empowers enterprises to both modernize and protect the continuity of the cyber-physical systems that sustain our lives
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The use of browsers and SaaS technologies is not going to go away anytime soon especially as companies are continuing to employ people from across the globe who may never see the inside of their office.
Breach Detection

HEAT Attacks: The new frontier for hackers

July 26, 2022
One of the most effective ways to prevent HEAT attacks is through Zero Trust Architecture
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Tenable introduces Nessus Expert with external attack surface management and cloud security capabilities

July 12, 2022
External assets and cloud configurations represent two of the biggest cyber risks facing organizations today
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Information Security

VAST Data selected by Agoda for big data applications

Dec. 10, 2021
VAST’s universal storage all-flash architecture offers an unbeatable combination of scalability, performance and simplicity