Telgian announces launch of cloud-based, automated security compliance solution

April 30, 2018
Telgian Compliance Manager debuts at 2018 Responsible Care Conference & Expo

PHOENIX -- April 30, 2018 — Telgian Management Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telgian Holdings, Inc., has announced the launch of Telgian Compliance Manager (TCM), a cloud-based, relational database software application product for tracking enterprise compliance solutions. The product was unveiled at the 2018 Responsible Care Conference & Expo in Hollywood, Florida, on April 29, 2018.

The TCM application allows users to manage their security protocols in one place and ensure compliance with nationally recognized codes and standards, including the Responsible Care® Security Code (RCSC) and Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). The application does act as a data collection portal, allowing organizations to submit and track forms and reports related to their various compliance needs. It also adheres to more than 50 global compliance IT standards and includes Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and distributed denial of services protection against outside threats and suspicious activity. 

“Telgian Compliance Manager can help organizations conveniently streamline and track their compliance activities in a secure, efficient way,” said Ashley Reiter, Telgian Program Manager . “Utilizing a centralized approach to security compliance management will help our partners save money and time while lowering their risk of non-compliance and improving data integrity and quality through real-time monitoring within the application.”

The TCM application is the newest product launched by Telgian Management Technologies, a subset of Telgian Holdings, Inc.

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