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Open banking allows financial institutions to share data with other organizations and easily access third-party applications and services that they can then offer to customers as a way to personalize and improve the banking experience.
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Unisys launches new version of Elevate Omnichannel Banking Platform

April 23, 2019
A new version of software allows banks to easily integrate third-party apps and services for enhanced customer experience
The SEM Model 0205EMD from Security Engineered Machinery destroys SSD media containing devices to waste particles of 30mm squared or less and meets DIN 66399 Standard E-4. Destruction is accomplished through patent pending destruction shafts with pyramidal shaped elements where media is passed through to ensure complete media destruction.
Document and Data Controls & Destruction

SEM Model 0205EMD from Security Engineered Machinery

Electronic media as well as the data carrying SSD’s are crushed between two rotating shafts and fall into a collection container
Electronic media destruction/sanitization equipment
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Electronic media destruction/sanitization equipment

Understanding the sensitive and critical nature of the data center environment where SITES’s devices are installed
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There are two primary reasons behind the adoption of the new breed of multi-factor authentication: one, the need to deliver hardened security that anticipates novel threats; and two, the need to deploy this level of security easily and at a low cost.
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Next generation authentication sought to counter sophisticated hacks

June 17, 2015
Organizations face critical challenges of identity verification and tracking, plus credential management