IP Fabrics Announces Network Surveillance System

Dec. 5, 2006
DeepSweep systems enable live, wire-speed network surveillance for abuses, interception

Beaverton, OR – December 4, 2006 - IP Fabrics announced today the DeepSweep-1, a multi-gigabit network surveillance system. The system will serve several surveillance market segments, including national security/intelligence gathering, lawful interception of broadband data for criminal investigations, cyber crime investigation, and network abuse detection.

"DeepSweep is the first gigabit-class network surveillance system on the market," said Glen Myers, CEO. "It will enable our customers to stay ahead of the increased demands for high-speed network surveillance, as they deal with increasing network speeds, new broadband communications applications, and an overall increase in the use of the Internet and other networks for communications."

"Before the availability of DeepSweep, surveillance systems typically did not have the performance to inspect network packets at wire-speed," added Kevin Graves, IP Fabrics CTO. "Government agencies, service providers, and other organizations typically relied on off-line processing of saved packets, limiting the ability to respond to threats or opportunities."

The DeepSweep-1 is equipped with either four or eight gigabit Ethernet surveillance ports and is packaged as a rack-mountable 2U appliance. It provides an extensible set of network layer 2 – 7 surveillance capabilities, including advanced Surveillance Modules for email and VoIP traffic. The product's browser-based configuration interface simplifies the task of specifying complex surveillance logic.

The DeepSweep-1 is the first in a series of system-level surveillance products to be provided by IP Fabrics. The product is currently in lab and field trials with potential customers and will be generally available at the end of 2006. DeepSweep-10, a 10Gbps version, is scheduled for availability in the second half of 2007. The systems leverage several of the company's existing products including multi core virtualization software and network processor accelerator boards.

IP Fabrics, founded in 2002 and located in Beaverton, Oregon, is venture funded by Northwest Venture Associates, Intel Capital, Frazier Technology Ventures, and Ignition Partners. The company serves customers in various segments including networking, test and measurement, and government.

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