Verdasys Publishes New Whitepaper on Data Loss Prevention

March 16, 2007
Whitepaper helps global enterprises understand critical need for protection of proprietary assets

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Verdasys, Inc., the leader in business process integrity solutions for data loss prevention, corporate compliance and data security announced today the availability of a new whitepaper by Dr. Daniel E. Geer, Jr., ScD. The paper entitled, Data Loss Prevention, takes an in-depth look at the increase in victims of information leakage and asserts the risks businesses face when not taking the initiative to adequately prevent their data from loss or misuse as well as what actions companies can take to secure their corporate data.

"We consistently read in the news and hear from our customers about the difficulties they experience when trying to get a handle on the processes they enforce to manage and protect their organization's data," said Seth Birnbaum, CEO, Verdasys. "The model Dan Geer has developed in this whitepaper helps identify those processes and offers strategic and tactical benefits to applying Verdasys' Digital Guardian solution to monitor, audit and control those processes," he added.

According to Dr. Geer, Vice President and Chief Scientist of Verdasys and author of the paper, the data the must be protected is all data. "The core idea of Digital Guardian is that there will never be an end to new kinds of misuse, and that the misuse that is hardest to see will become the misuse that most endangers the firm. Digital Guardian sees all actions involving data at the precise point in time and space where the data movement commences. It makes its decisions based on what is being done with the data. Full instrumentation is exactly where versatile and future proof intersect, and they do not intersect anywhere else. Full instrumentation is a singularity in the security space, and that singularity is Digital Guardian."

Dr. Geer is an entrepreneur, author, scientist, consultant, teacher, and architect. He is a widely noted author in scientific journals, the technology press, and has co-authored several books on risk management and information security. He is currently Vice President and Chief Scientist with Verdasys, Inc where he has written numerous whitepapers. Dr. Geer holds several security patents, and received a Doctor of Science in biostatistics from Harvard and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from MIT.

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