Centennial Software Releases DeviceWall 4.0 for Desktop and Endpoint Security

March 13, 2006
DeviceWall 4.0 delivers comprehensive portable device management, mobile data encryption and desktop security

Portland, Ore. - Centennial Software, a developer of endpoint security and IT asset discovery solutions, today announced the availability of DeviceWall 4.0. Designed to help organizations manage desktop endpoints and the usage of portable storage devices (iPods, USB sticks, PDAs, etc.) on the corporate network, DeviceWall 4.0 is taking endpoint security a step further by automatically encrypting information leaving a desktop to ensure the security and integrity of data in transit. Furthermore, the company has integrated new anti-tamper technology, expanded device class support, and added new management and customization features.

The highlight of DeviceWall 4.0 is the ability to automatically encrypt all data copied by authorized staff to a portable storage device (such as a USB flash drive) - securing what has traditionally been a highly insecure storage format. Leveraging industry-standard AES and Blowfish 256-bit ciphers, together with corporate and personal keys, DeviceWall 4.0 protects data in transit and ensures that sensitive company files do not end up in the wrong hands.

"Left uncontrolled, portable storage devices are a massive security risk to an organization, which can render millions of dollars of IT security investment useless," said Andy Burton, CEO of Centennial Software. "Relying on perimeter security solutions will not stop unauthorized computer users from removing files directly from company PCs, or employees from accidentally misplacing USB sticks or other devices. The threat of internal data leakage can be easily remedied by companies controlling and managing network endpoints - DeviceWall delivers that control and now ensures the security of corporate data should it leave the network via a portable storage device."

Security expert and founder of Sharp Ideas, Abe Usher, noted, "The encryption of corporate data in transit ensures that employees who have a legitimate need to use portable storage devices don't pose a security threat to the organization. With this and other new features in DeviceWall 4.0, the product has evolved from simply protecting and managing portable device access to offering a comprehensive solution that delivers device management, data management and desktop security."

The new version also delivers granular control over the use of different types of removable media devices for those administrators who want to build 'white lists' of corporate-approved devices. Centennial has also added support for Symbian Smart Phones and a new policy wizard that helps customers get up and running in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, new anti-tamper technology has been integrated with DeviceWall 4.0 to ensure application integrity.

DeviceWall is online at www.devicewall.com.