IPLocks Launches Information Risk Management Platform

Feb. 14, 2005
Information risk management solution provider offers platform for security access to sensitive, required documents and data

IPLocks, a provider of enterprise information risk management solutions, today unveiled the IPLocks Information Risk Management Platform at the DEMO15 event. The IPLocks platform secures information assets that businesses rely on, while improving business continuity and easing the pain of corporate governance.

The IPLocks Information Risk Management Platform secures critical information assets from malicious and negligent use minimizing risks by alerting and reacting to threats. With behavioral analysis, content verification, security assessment and auditing capabilities, IPLocks provides a platform for automating and enforcing business best practices and security policies without altering IT infrastructure.

"Once an employee has access to sensitive information and intellectual property, there is a substantial risk that it can be infinitely copied and sent just about anywhere," said Adrian Lane, CTO at IPLocks. "Employees must have access to information to perform their jobs, but encryption, access control and intrusion detection tools simply cannot provide the verification necessary to ensure employees are using the data correctly. In implementing an effective enterprise-wide information risk management solution, we chose to target the database initially. It is the primary repository for intellectual property within most organizations and can potentially have the greatest impact on business continuity, company brand equity and corporate governance."

To provide a complete information security solution, the IPLocks Information Risk Management Platform has three fundamental areas that need to be addressed -- upfront vulnerability assessment, continuous monitoring and auditing of sensitive information.

Discover suspicious activities: Every business has access controls and passwords for information assets, but this does little to stop information theft or data corruption. From hackers who subvert existing accounts, to employees who inadvertently corrupt data, the need to verify activity and meet best practices is the key challenge. IPLocks continuously monitors and validates access to information, permission changes, structural changes, content ranges and through its patent-pending User Behavior Monitor technology, how the database is being used. Coupled with an interface to automate security policies and business process enforcement, IPLocks provides a powerful platform for information risk management. React to the threats: IPLocks detects threats in near real time, launches additional policies and deters malicious acts. For policy violations that are deemed critical, IPLocks alerts security staff to violations, continuously tracks and learns behavior, locks down accounts, disconnects errant sessions and issues rollback statements to help mitigate damage.

Audit for consistency: IPLocks offers the data gathering and reporting solution needed to provide confidence in the data through real time content monitoring that analyzes changes to critical data fields for accuracy and forensic auditing of transactions to verify consistency. Internal auditors and regulatory affairs require demonstration of data consistency across multiple systems, which IPLocks delivers.

"In this era of increased cyber attacks and information security breaches, it is essential that all organizations give information security the focus it requires," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO15. "Information security is a governance challenge that involves risk management, reporting and accountability. IPLocks addresses the complete enterprise information security lifecycle to protect the privacy of data and ensure its accuracy."