SANS brings Information Security training to Las Vegas

July 9, 2013
Features more than 45 Courses

BETHESDA, Md., July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- SANS today announced the addition of new training courses to SANS Network Security 2013, in Las Vegas, NV, September 14-23. Included among the more than 45 courses being taught, SANS has added the first-runs of SEC561: Hands-On Security Practitioner with NetWars, and SEC573: Python for Penetration Testers courses.

Joshua Wright, an information security analyst and author of SEC561: Hands-On Practitioner with NetWars, explains "This brand-new course dramatically changes the classroom experience, allowing students to build hands-on skills by penetration testing real systems, real networks, and real user accounts; 80 percent of classroom time will be spent conducting hands-on missions. Using the NetWars engine, students work at their own pace guided by a master instructor to build skills in scanning, assessment, exploitation, and post-exploitation of the most widely deployed network targets including Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, Android, Cisco IOS, web applications and much more."

Mark Baggett, a penetration testing expert and author of SEC573: Python for Penetration Testers, states "As penetration testers, knowing how to use canned information security tools is a basic skill that you must have. Knowing how to build your own tools when the tools someone else wrote fail is what separates the great penetration testers from the good. This course will cover the essential skills that are needed to develop applications that interact with networks, websites, databases, and file systems so you can take your career to the next level. We will cover these essential skills as we build practical applications that you can immediately put into use in your penetration tests."

SANS Network Security 2013 will feature some of today's brightest minds in cyber security. For a complete list of courses and course overviews, including associated GIAC certifications and to register, please visit: