ISACA launches new resources for auditing Amazon Web Services (AWS)

May 1, 2019
The program covers AWS applications, functions and containers across a myriad of domains

The use of cloud services is widespread and expected to only continue to increase—by 2020, it is estimated that 41 percent of enterprise workloads will be hosted on public cloud platforms.1 One of the leading platforms in this space, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has the ability to help teams become more agile; however, without proper knowledge of AWS configurations and potential hazards, enterprises may also open themselves to new risks.

With this in mind, ISACA has launched a new audit program, Amazon Web Services ® (AWS ®) Audit Program to support IT auditors in their assessments of AWS deployments—including the use of AWS services, access to the AWS environment, management and interrelationships of AWS services. The program covers AWS applications, functions and containers, and across the domains of governance, network configuration and management, asset configuration and management, logical access control, data encryption controls, logging and event management, security incident response and disaster recovery. 

IT audit professionals can follow detailed testing steps outlined for controls across these domains in this audit program spreadsheet to assist in their auditing process, but they are encouraged to customize the document for their unique enterprise needs. The program is free to members, and $25 for non-members. 

“ISACA's AWS Audit Program provides IT audit professionals with the essentials for grasping the breadth and depth of AWS deployments as well as to provide them with a solid foundation for building their own customized audit program around these services, said Adam Kohnke, CISA, CISSP, Senior IT Auditor for Total Administrative Services Corporation, and lead developer of the AWS Audit Program. 

Kohnke elaborates on the topic in his ISACA® Journal article, “Auditing Amazon Web Services,” published 1 May, which is available to members. In this feature, Kohnke covers the audit elements related to the eight domains covered in the audit program, while also providing a helpful overview of current AWS service offerings organized by category.

To download the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Audit Program, visit To access the ISACA Journal article, "Auditing Amazon Web Services," visit: For more information about ISACA's other audit programs, visit

1  Columbus, Louis; “83 Percent of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud by 2020,” Forbes, 7 January 2018,


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