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Views of multiple police cars parked at Norcross High School on Thursday, October 27, 2022. The school has increased police presence after a student was fatally shot near the campus.
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According to a study in the Italian Journal of Pediatrics, children who have experienced school violence are at risk for long-term mental and physical health conditions, including attachment disorders, substance abuse, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
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Identity Automation, PIXM uncover student-targeted phishing attacks

Feb. 22, 2023
Examining threat data from a 30-day period in a U.S. school district, experts at Identity Automation and PIXM uncovered more than 73 malicious sites that where clicked on by students...
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NAACP panelists not keen on arming teachers

Feb. 21, 2023
The panelists included educators, law enforcement, a legislator, students, a clinical social worker and others.
As the nation’s businesses, school districts and critical infrastructure endure cyberattacks on an almost daily basis, stakeholders charged with defending the U.S. against the attacks must address the estimated 750,000 vacant jobs in the cybersecurity industry.

CYBER.ORG ramping up programs to help fill the cybersecurity talent pipeline

Feb. 20, 2023
CYBER.ORG, an educational initiative of the Bossier City, La.-based Cyber Innovation Center, is ramping up its programs in hopes of taking a bite out cybersecurity worker recruitment...
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Safe and secure: ensuring protection of children in the digital classroom

Feb. 15, 2023
Online education platforms, however, are putting measures in place to ensure safety — from mandatory cameras to background checks on teachers.
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Ed-Tech market grows for tools that detect AI-generated text

Feb. 10, 2023
Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, new tools designed to catch instances of AI text plagiarism are growing