Delta Scientific's new mobile barrier holds potential for integrators

Sept. 10, 2012
Company recruiting channel partners for its Soft Stop solution at ASIS 2012

A mobile barrier from Calif.-based Delta Scientific might be just the ticket for dealers and integrators who want to add value to their customer installations and put more money in their pockets with the deployment of a portable barrier device from the company.

On display at ASIS 2012, Delta Scientific, which has dealer networks in place but is also recruiting new companies to add to its channel, said the military approved Soft Stop device is a great opportunity for integrators, with consistent profit margins varying from 10 to 20 percent, according to Keith Bobrosky, sales manager for Delta Scientific.

The Soft Stop portable barriers are the company’s first commercial, anti-crash barricades designed to protect event patrons. They range in size from 12 to 20 feet in length and are easily deployed and moved in a short period of time, about 10 minutes on average.

The Soft Stop DSC 1000 is light enough to be towed by a golf cart and has passed an ASTM crash test in which it stopped a 5,000 pound vehicle going 40 mph, providing it with an ASTM rating of P40, said Bobrosky.

“It's a great opportunity for integrators, with the consistent margins and virtually no installation involved. It's perfect for temporary events, including concerts, farmers markets, or sporting events. End users are looking for a commercial barrier that can be towed into place and protect attendees from errant drivers,” he added.

The unit involves no foundation or electrical hook-up and two people can set up and take down the barrier in minutes. Its self-contained power system provides all the power necessary to raise and lower the unit onto its trailer and open and close the barrier. The battery operated system recharges with a solar panel or external means.

Other applications include military checkpoints and government agencies. He added that the military and municipal market for the product has really "taken off" especially at large events or gatherings that need to limit access to certain areas and allow for quick set up.