ELAN Control and 2GIG Security bring full system automation to Waterworks club

May 15, 2019
Sarasota, Florida social club can almost run itself with advanced automation designed and installed by local electronic firm SmartHouse Integration
CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, May 14, 2019 — The owners of Waterworks, a new private social club in Sarasota, Florida, have taken great care to create a trendy, comfortable, and safe environment where local leaders and business owners can network, relax, and host private events.

In order to deliver all of these benefits while consolidating and simplifying management of the building’s security, lights, TVs, audio, climate, and access control, the owners hired leading South Florida electronics integration firm, SmartHouse Integration, to install the easy-to-use ELAN Control System and 2GIG security system to provide remote control of every sub-system. According to SmartHouse Integration owner Mark van den Broek, Waterworks has made full use of the ELAN Control System’s capabilities, integrating almost every electronic function in the building and automating schedules to make daily operations as simple and worry-free as possible.

“Waterworks is a shining example of the extraordinary power of ELAN’s automation technology,” van den Broek said. “From opening to closing, the control system manages every building system, with automatically scheduled events such as the lights turning on at 6:00 AM for the cleaning crew, and the 2GIG security system arming at midnight if the occupancy sensors detect no one is in the building. With this level of integration and ELAN’s simple, powerful control interface, staff can focus on providing the best service to members instead of running around to manually adjust lights, speaker volumes, or TVs.”

Since Waterworks’ goal is to foster relationships and communication between members, the technology is used to create a specific environment rather than to offer activities or distractions. That’s why the TVs at the bar play silent black and white movies, and why there is no cell phone use allowed inside after 7:00 pm. The eight-zone audio distribution system plays a central role in the club’s classy ambiance as well, playing background music at low volumes so it doesn’t become the focus of members’ attention.

“It’s more about atmosphere than entertainment,” van den Broek continued, “and each building system is part of that atmosphere. It’s why we programmed the thermostats and motorized window shades to react to ambient temperature and sunlight, and why we’re integrating ELAN’s new face recognition for door access. These are features that require no staff involvement once they’re set up, and present an ultra-cool, modern environment that matches the club’s high-end aesthetics and services.” The club’s chandeliers and plug-in lamps are also integrated for simple control, automatically brightening and dimming depending on ambient light levels throughout the day. The ELAN system turns the TVs and audio zones on at 10:30 AM, requiring no input from staff.

As a sister brand to ELAN under the Nortek Security & Control umbrella, the 2GIG security system integrates perfectly. Staff can easily arm and disarm the security system through the ELAN interface, while the 2GIG panel is installed safely out of reach from the guests along with the rest of the system equipment. For ultimate peace of mind, multiple ELAN surveillance cameras provide live and recorded coverage of the property that can be viewed through the ELAN app from anywhere in the world.

Waterworks features a pool room, a cigar room, an outdoor deck, and a bar, and each member can reserve the entire establishment for one day a year to host a private event. SmartHouse Integration even added Chromecast and Apple TV units that allow members to stream presentations or their own personal music during these private functions.

With a nod toward aesthetics, SmartHouse Integration used SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speakers to provide multiple zones of audio. The 40 individually-controllable zones of lighting operate through a Lutron system, which integrates with ELAN for full control through the ELAN interface.

“If a hospitality provider such as a bar, restaurant, hotel or social club, wants to provide the ultimate modern-chic experience for guests,” van den Broek explained, “ELAN technology can help them do so by eliminating countless minor tasks and presenting a clean aesthetic that uses technology in the background, rather than making it a visible focal point. And since the ELAN system is expandable, constantly updated to integrate with new third-party products, and introduces new features such as voice control and facial recognition, it’s value only grows over time.”

About SmartHouse Integration SmartHouse Integration, a certified ELAN Flagship integration firm, is the choice for those who desire the best performing and most innovative designs in Home Electronics, Security, and Home Management systems. With almost 20 years of experience, a team of professionals, and a true common-sense approach to home system design, SmartHouse Integration is featured in some of the finest homes in Florida and across the United States.

SmartHouse Integration was founded in 1998 to answer the call for technology in the home builder market. Starting in Shaker Heights, Ohio, SmartHouse quickly grew to become one of the top integration companies in the Cleveland Market. Continued requests from around the country prompted SmartHouse to look for an additional location. In 2005, SmartHouse Integration opened its Sarasota Office. Building on their success and experience, SmartHouse Integration has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association with over a dozen national awards for its work over the last 7 years. 

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