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The Beauty of a Well-Made Widget

June 28, 2023
I’ve always had an affinity for folks who make stuff, particularly stuff that is hammered out in loud, dust-filled manufacturing facilities. My sense of appreciation was first...
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The Business of Security is Business

The importance of metrics and benchmarking in corporate security can’t be overlooked
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Recognizing the tightening relationship between security risk and shareholder value, corporate leadership teams are practically begging CSOs to take on a larger role.
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CSO Strategies on Becoming a Trusted Advisor on Global Threats

June 20, 2023
Global risk necessitates a CSO who is capable of matching security mandates with organizational requirements
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The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood after a shooting in October 2018.
Weapons & Weapons Training Equipment

Is There A Place for Weapons Detection Systems in Houses of Worship?

Many experts emphasize human intelligence and observation over physical systems
For over 25 years, STid has been inventing smart solutions designed for secure access control.
Access & Identity

A Fierce Independence and Goals of Future Expansion Drive STid

June 20, 2023
A philosophy based on openness and interoperability offers solutions in line with the specific needs of its clients

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David Henderson, the Director of Industrial Segment for Micron Technology’s Embedded Business Unit.
Video Surveillance Storage

Edge Storage for AI-Enhanced Video Applications

June 20, 2023
This embedded product portfolio and ecosystem focus solutions optimized for complex memory and storage demands at the intelligent edge
DoorKing’s ProxPlus Secure card reader system is based on the 13.56 MHz MIFARE standard.
Access Control

ProxPlus Secure Card Readers from DoorKing

June 20, 2023
ProxPlus Secure cards are programmed with a unique identifier, making them extremely secure and difficult to duplicate
Allegion is a global pioneer in seamless access, with leading brands like CISA®, Interflex®, LCN®, Schlage®, SimonsVoss® and Von Duprin®. Focusing on security around the door and adjacent areas, Allegion secures people and assets with a range of solutions for homes, businesses, schools and institutions.
Access Control

Schlage Unlocks End-User Experience with Interoperable Access Control Solutions

June 20, 2023
Custom encryption keys and credential technology play a key role in empowering end users
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Effective and efficient visitor management sets an expectation that an organization is serious about its security program.
Badging & Visitor Management Systems and Software

Effective Visitor Management Solutions a Critical Security Element

June 20, 2023
Mitigating an organization’s risk depends on knowing who is in the facility and for what purpose
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Full-height turnstiles are ideal for this first layer of defense.
Access & Identity

Critical Ingredients for Cyber-Physical Security at Data Centers

June 20, 2023
Physical security entrances are the first line of defense in protecting precious data
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How to Effectively Convey Cyber Risk to the C-Suite

June 20, 2023
Consistent communication is key when engaging with business executives about mitigating threats
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ML can benefit physical security teams by helping to identify anomalies or suspicious behavior.
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What Machine Learning Means for Physical Security

June 20, 2023
Empowering security professionals to employ advanced technology can only enhance situational awareness
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Part of the challenge of securing MLOps is the sheer length and depth of typical machine learning pipelines.

Why Cybersecurity is Critical in MLOps

June 20, 2023
Larger and more sophisticated businesses will lean into building out their in-house data science teams and capabilities
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A New Approach to Building Enterprise Security

June 20, 2023
CSO strategies in meeting today’s global threat environment need to be multi-faceted
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SOC challenges and recession proof security with an MSSP

June 20, 2023
Outsourcing a SOC allows organizations to gain the security they need while creating a predictable budget line
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Exploring the Potential of AI-Enabled Security Products

Q: So many of the same things are being said about AI and physical security system products – how do I make sense of it all?A: Evaluating AI-enabled physical security products...
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Leave a Legacy That Means Something

June 20, 2023
What do you want your legacy to be? We have all wrestled with this question at one time or another in our lives.For some, the answer is easy. "I want to be known as the best lawyer...
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A Culture of Secrecy

June 20, 2023
I am may not the right person to opine on the cybersecurity Culture of Secrecy. My career was launched by a stint as a military member of the National Security Agency. I had been...
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Physical security teams are often viewed as cumbersome, slow-moving and highly reactive cost centers.
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The Unification of the CSO and CISO

June 19, 2023
Don’t be surprised by what can be accomplished when a CSO & CISO join forces to fight insider threats
GSO is designed for a small group – limited to 50 people – to allow for in-depth discussions and explorations of important topics to a much deeper level in ways very specific to the attendees.
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GSO 2025 Q&A: The GSO event in August at LinkedIn HQ

May 11, 2023
Ray Bernard discusses the GSO summit’s unique perspectives that go beyond typical security industry events.
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Big Book Spring 2023

May 10, 2023
The security industry's buyer's guide, featuring the latest in new products