SIW Tech Notes from ISC West 2022 - Day 1

March 24, 2022
Technology offerings expand as solutions providers test the limits of traditional devices

Armed with the CLEAR Health Pass, used at CES 2022 just two months earlier to verify COVID-19 Vaccination, PCR Test Results, or Antigen Test Results, ISC West attendees turned out in force. Exhibitors known for the IP-based video surveillance base category expanded to include analyzing a wide range of metadata for real-time search of as many as forty parameters. Likewise, Electronic Access Control Systems diversified to multi-factor authentication platforms;  WiFi and Telecomm solutions to entire networks made portable; Mobile Applications to GPS, Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS), Beacons; Aerial Drones to Modular Payload Vehicles; Robots to Autonomous, Repositionable Information Stations; Counter UAS (cUAS) to four-stage process, detect, identify, locate/track, analyze; Cyber threat detection to entire attack scenario; Mobile Operations Command to Mobile Drone Flight Operations Center.


When an unidentified UAS enters the restricted commercial, military or private airspace the updated and expanded Dedrone platform initiates a sophisticated four-stage process of detection detect, identify, locate/track, analyze. The new DedroneSensor RF-360 performs RF-based localization to find drones and pilots, then accesses a library of over 200 drone SKUs to classify them by range, propulsion type, payload capability, camera type, resolution, spectrum, sensor array for data fusion, manufacturer (including the entire DJI product line), model, commercial, hobby, home-made drone.

The new UX automatically tracks and plots flight and pilot position on map and provides information on "hotspots" of drone activity Airspace Security Platform.

Guardian Zone

The Mobile Security App for communicating events like active shooters has matured to include crowdsourcing, location identification force multiplication and staff management. The Outdoor Location Based Systems (LBS) include GPS, and Indoor Positioning Systems include distance measurement to nearby anchor nodes like WiFi / LiFi access points, Bluetooth beacons or Ultra-Wideband beacons. Geofencing permits focused throughput from GPS or IPS for a region selected by user or application manager.


The team of wireless systems manufacturer Rajant and solution provider Vorbeck has introduced several models of “drop-in” modules and body worn systems, complete with video surveillance that represent a leap forward for first responders, as an entire high bandwidth, wide spectrum network is activated. The body worn version even has an antennae system sewn into the fabric of its vest.


Verkada’s expanded Edge AI and Cloud Computing platform has expanded to provide an even wider range of video surveillance and access control functions; there are over twenty different parameters an administrator may search on. The new Visitor functionality includes full integration into video and EACS, providing forensic search, categorization of duty and specific bade functionality.

Volatus Aerospace

Volatus Aerospace introduced their Mobile Drone Flight Operations Center, driven across North America to share their capabilities on managing airspace, supporting first responders and managing networks of unique, variable payload drones capable of delivery food and emergency supplies into a hot zone, or assisting law enforcement for interior response of a mass casualty event.

About the author: Steve Surfaro is Chairman of the Public Safety Working Group for the Security Industry Association (SIA) and has more than 30 years of security industry experience. He is a subject matter expert in smart cities and buildings, cybersecurity, forensic video, data science, command center design and first responder technologies. Follow him on Twitter, @stevesurf.